How The Right Security Solution Means More Assurance and Less Insurance


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When it comes to safety and risk on your sites, you do a lot to protect yourself and others around you.

One common way to increase protection is to manage consequences by purchasing insurance.

While insurance can help mitigate the fallout from an event, it is a real upfront cost – and peace of mind does not come cheap with some solutions on the market. It also doesn’t stop the event occurring in the first place.

Insurance is one of those purchases you pay for hoping that you never need to use it. When the unfortunate event arises, you need to go through a rigorous claims process which can leave you feeling lost and filled with daunting questions such as:

  • Are we even covered for the event that has taken place?
  • Do we have adequate evidence to make a successful claim?
  • Will we be able to receive full compensation for the business interruption?

and many more. After all this, insurance premiums might then be raised as a result of a claim or multiple claims.

Now instead, imagine having assurance that your business is protected, and that theft, crime and vandalism is actively stopped before it happens. This could mean less stress about having adequate cover, and depending on your industry it may even enable you to negotiate lower insurance costs. In this world, you end up with fewer insurance claims, lower premiums and fewer “gaps” to cover.

Spectur prevents the pain of crime (and insurance claims) before it happens.

Spectur solar security cameras and solutions do more than monitor your site’s productivity and security each day. The spoken word (loud) warnings and lighting alert intruders in real time that they are under surveillance and warn them of the imminent consequences. This stops 90% of crime before it happens. Our real-world statistics show that even for the remaining 10%, the costs or typical events are reduced by an order of magnitude. If intruders do persist, camera images are remotely stored and vandal-proof thanks to your cloud recording security camera, and security personnel can tune in live to monitor and attend the site in real time.

This type of active surveillance system can also minimise loss in staff productivity, equipment or contracts. Spectur solutions not only help you to avoid the costs of theft and vandalism but also associated delays onsite, so you can minimise the time needed to deliver on projects. All of this autonomously: leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to reduce false alarms and the latest sensing technology to detect when others can’t, without you needing to be there.

We have been able to support thousands of customers including Anthony from Perth Heavy Haulage, by providing assurance, rather than an insurance-ONLY solution:

“Being in the transport industry, our company needed a reliable security solution to protect our compound.

Over the last 4 months, Spectur’s solar security camera has allowed us to keep an eye on our site in real time, wherever we may be and has prevented theft from happening on site.

We have been very happy with Spectur, they have kept our business and materials safe.”

While insurance can provide support following an event, Spectur can often stop the event before insurance is even needed. And whose day wouldn’t be improved with greater assurance, lower costs and fewer delays – and crucially, less need to interact with insurance companies?

With a Spectur solution installed, we may be able to help you negotiate a reduced insurance premium or excess. Call us to find out more today on 1300 802 960.

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