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How to Secure a Remote Property Reliably without Power Supply


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A site without a dependable power supply can throw up plenty of challenges when it comes to security and surveillance. Unpowered and remote sites are prone to vandalism, intrusions, illegal dumping and illegal use such as squatting. So how can you power a camera and security deterrence system reliably without a fixed electrical source? Here, we consider the newer technologies available on the market and what to look for in reliable off-grid security cameras and deterrence systems.

How to secure remote properties with no power supply

Solar-powered camera systems are the logical choice for unwired, unpowered sites. The right product solves many of the challenges of security for a remote or unpowered site. For example:

  • Solar power doesn’t require cabling or wiring, and can be reliable if the site is exposed to a decent level of sunshine each day. Battery storage is an important complimentary factor for an off-grid security camera, because this source will keep the system running throughout cloudy or patchy weather. Batteries alone go flat and need changing, so other than for the shortest duration projects, they are not enough in isolation.
  • Data storage is a challenge when protecting an unpowered site, as many solar systems have limited physical data storage. Vandals may try to damage cameras with onsite data storage, with the aim of covering their tracks. By choosing remote (cloud) data capture you can maintain a longer and safe record of events.
  • Vandal proofing is a valuable feature, as security systems themselves can be common targets on remote and unpowered sites. Choosing a system such as Spectur’s with its robust vandal-resistant casing helps to minimise the risk of your sentry being taken out.

What are the benefits of off-grid security cameras?

Off-grid security cameras need not be a compromise – they can actually provide advantages over wired systems. Take for example Spectur’s solar powered solutions. These unique systems apply image processing, motion detection algorithms and decision rules to distinguish human and vehicle activity from animal or other activity, and then trigger actions. One is to emit a bright visual warning and a loud spoken warning onsite. In most cases the intruder flees immediately. The other action the system takes is to remotely alert you or your security team, using AI-based rules to minimise false alarms. Active deterrence doesn’t just record crime – it can actively stop it from happening when you can’t be there onsite.

Spectur’s AI security camera systems can also be integrated with a range of sensing solutions and accessories, such as mobile bases, to extend the range of security and other applications while allowing you to get them where you want them.

How long do the batteries last in a wireless security camera?

This will depend on your choice of security camera. Some systems may give you a day or two of sunless operation. Spectur solar-powered systems include a high quality battery and can run for up to four days without sunlight. This is a rare feature, built on years of product development and testing within both hot and cold environments. Spectur consultants can work with you to optimise your solution, solar power and battery storage needs to make sure your sentry is always working – even in winter.

What to consider when choosing 3G or 4G security cameras

Of course, if you’re choosing a 3G or 4G security camera for live viewing and alerts it’s important to check that your unpowered site will have mobile reception. Our technology team can remotely check signal strength, set parameters and adjust upload and download speeds remotely to optimise reliability of your system. We can even provide amplified antenna or satellite linkages to ensure you can be connected anywhere.

Whether you’re looking for a more complex sensor system to protect valuable equipment, or even seeking to implement a government camera surveillance and active deterrence solution on a sensitive government or public site, Spectur is the platform of choice. Contact our team today on 1300 802 960 to discuss your needs.

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