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How to Set Up & Use Your Time Lapse Camera for Outdoor Construction


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Spectur camera systems can deliver active crime deterrence, live remote viewing and crystal clear surveillance for your construction sites – but there’s also another advantage. At the same time these functions are running, you can also easily produce professional time lapse videos to suit a variety of management, documentation and marketing purposes. So how do you produce high-quality time lapse footage using your Spectur system?

Key construction time lapse camera settings

Time lapse condenses imagery taken over a certain time period into a much shorter video, speeding up the perception of time. Spectur systems work by capturing regular high resolution images from exactly the same angle, so they’re ideal for producing time lapse footage. Here’s how to do just that.

Selecting the best time lapse interval for construction

The Spectur HD5 can capture up to four frames per second in HD, while the STA6 can capture up to 10 frames per second in 4K. But what’s the best time lapse interval for a construction site? To capture an end-to-end construction project, the recommended frame rate can be anywhere between 5 minutes and one day apart depending on the application. Working with your Spectur consultant, you can optimise the frequency of image capture to suit your needs, allowing you to produce very smooth and clear time lapse results.

Positioning the camera for construction time lapse

Of course, it’s essential that if you intend to produce time lapse video you’ll be documenting the important details. If you’re planning to produce marketing or management time lapses over the course of a building project, the camera system should be installed with a clear view of the entire site. We have a number of mobile trailer and base options to help optimise the positioning on any construction site.

The great news is that if you’re also using Spectur for onsite security, management or sensing purposes, you’ll be able to zoom into wider images on your web interface to spot any required detail.

Selecting and producing time lapse video

Time lapse images are stored on the secure Spectur server for 12 months, so you can access these easily from your desktop or device using the web interface. Simply click the Filter by Camera button to select the right camera, then set your date and time parameters for the time lapse. You’ll then be able to download the time lapse images to and share via email, social media or other channels. Alternatively, Spectur can arrange the editing and creation of your video to suit.

Find the right Spectur system for your construction site

Spectur has three distinctive solar security camera models to suit your construction site requirements: all available to buy, hire or lease. These cost-effective systems can also be customised to suit a variety of security, surveillance and sensing purposes. For advice on which solution will suit your sites, get in touch with the team today.

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