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Providing a reliable service, free from disruption and safe for the community is a challenge for all utility companies. We work with utilities across Australia to develop industrial security systems that prevent trespass, theft, vandalism and illegal dumping. By helping utilities identify security and safety issues before they become problems and interrupt service delivery, we provide cost-effective wireless commercial security cameras and security solutions that provide a fast return on investment while protecting people and property.


Construction companies face the challenge of keeping building sites free from theft, damage and safety incidents that can cripple a project with delays and cost overruns. Our solutions prevent this while also delivering added benefits from other applications of our technology. A video record helps to resolve claims rapidly, especially when the right evidence is available. It also serves as an important compliance management tool, allowing work to proceed without experiencing the expense and distraction of having to document and work within the ranges of these constraints.

Residential Building

Residential building sites face multiple security and monitoring challenges. With tight margins, any cost overruns due to damage, theft, safety incidents and their resulting delays can cripple a building project. Theft is difficult or expensive to stop with traditional security solutions. Our security platforms help site managers reduce crime and safety risks. They for the tracking of trades, deliveries and building progress. Keeping a record of what has happened on site can help resolve disputes rapidly when the right evidence is available. Designed to work within a residential building environment, our solutions can be installed anywhere with access to sunlight. It can be relocated for a relatively low cost when the building environment shifts or changes. All of this is what Spectur solutions can deliver.

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