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Investor FAQ's

Investor FAQ’s – Spectur

Where can I find the latest financial information for Spectur?

The latest financial reports can be found on our website here.


Where can I find details of upcoming events in the financial Calendar?

Details of Spectur’s reporting calendar and upcoming events can be found at Financial Reports


When will Spectur’s Annual General Meeting of Shareholders be Held?

A limited company is required to hold its annual general meeting within five months of its financial year-end.  Accordingly, shareholders will be notified in the months of September or October, approximately 28 days in advance, of when and where the AGM will be held.


Where can I find Spectur’s Corporate Governance Policies?

Our Corporate Governance policy can be found here. This includes our Board Charter, Code of Conduct, Diversity Policy, Disclosure Policy, Shareholder Communication Policy, Risk Management Policy and our Securities Trading Policy.


What is Specturs current dividend policy?

Spectur does not currently have a dividend policy in place. The Company is in its growth phase and as such intends to reinvest any future profits as it expands the business. The Board reviews its growth strategy and dividend policies at regular meetings and assess them against the Company’s working capital requirements and growth opportunities.


Who is the Company Secretary?

Our company secretary is Suzie Foreman, email suzie@athenacorporate.com.au


Can I be notified of new Spectur ASX announcements?

Yes, you can subscribe to receive Investor Updates by clicking on Subscribe to News button on top of every page.

When did Spectur become a publicly listed company?

Spectur (ASX:SP3) was admitted to the Official List of the Australian Securities Exchange on 28 July 2017.


What are Spectur’s head office contact details?

Unit 2/ 6 Merino Entrance

Cockburn Central, Western Australia, 6164


Who manages the share register?

The share registry is managed by Automic Registry Services which can be contacted at

+61 1300 288 664




How can I access the initial public offer prospectus details?

The offer under the prospectus is now closed.


How can I buy and sell Spectur shares?

Spectur’s shares are traded on the ASX and can be bought or sold through a Licensed Stock Broker. The process of buying or selling shares is explained on the ASX website, go to http://www.asx.com.au/products/shares.htms. And for information on brokers refer to http://www.asx.com.au/prices/find-broker.htm


What is the ASX Spectur ticker code?

The ASX ticker code for Spectur is SP3


How can I follow Spectur’s share price activity?

Current share prices are available on the ASX website and can be searched using Spectur’s ASX ticker symbol: SP3. Alternatively, you can check Spectur’s Investor Centre Homepage

How can I obtain an Annual Report?

Electronic copies of annual reports are available on this website. If you are a shareholder and you wish to receive hard copies of the Annual Report please update your Shareholder profile with Automic Registry Services to request a hard copy of the Annual Report or contact hello@automic.com.au


What is Spectur’s financial year end?

Spectur’s end of financial year is the 30th of June.

1300 802 960