Investor Information – Spectur

Current Share Price

Security Details

ASX SymbolSP3
Fully Paid Ordinary Shares:41,000,000
Restricted/Escrowed Fully Paid Ordinary Shares:4,364,207
Options to acquire fully paid ordinary shares:14,350,000
Restricted/Escrowed Options12,910,000
Performance Rights (24 months restricted)21,000,000
As at 31/08/2017

Key Dates

ASX Reporting deadlines for Spectur:

31 August 201Preliminary Financial Report
29 September 2017Annual Report to Shareholders
31 October 2017Quarterly Report
31 January 2018Quarterly Report
28 February 2018Half Year Results
30 April 2017Quarterly Report
30 June 2018Financial Year End
31 June 2018Quarterly Report

Investor Relations Contact:

The share registry is managed by Automic Registry Services which can be contacted at

t+61 1300 288 664


Company Secretary:

Suzie Foreman,