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The ability for communities and critical asset owners to rapidly act in the face of threat events is increasingly important. Equally important is ensuring that data captured by security surveillance systems is kept in safe hands. Here, we explore the importance of using security systems that are Australian made and owned.

The first step on the journey towards community and asset safety is a sophisticated security system that can sense, think and act, responding appropriately to threats to ensure no harm is done.

But an equally important consideration for asset owners and communities must be the origins of any security system they might be looking to deploy.

The Australian security and surveillance market features a range of vendors who can meet the needs of many communities and organisations. 

But the only vendor that is Australian designed, manufactured and coded, and ensures your data is stored and remains in Australia, is Spectur. This is a very important distinction, given the increased scrutiny around security risks related to cyber attacks and data protection.

Spectur’s platform is the only product on the market that is fully designed (electronics as well as mechanicals) and built in Australia – including embedded and cloud software development – providing essential assurance that any data and intelligence gathered will stay in safe hands. Spectur also runs only encrypted Australian cloud storage, AI and processing (using MS Azure).  

Protecting sensitive data

For government and other organisations dealing with sensitive data or high-risk assets, security is particularly crucial. Vulnerability to security breaches such as unauthorised access and interference, or data theft and misuse, cannot and will not be tolerated.

Inadequate data security – such as that associated with unencrypted transmission of raw data over the internet and the use of foreign-owned servers for cloud storage – can make for serious compliance and regulatory issues.

Spectur‘s edge over the competition is that its hardware and software ecosystem is entirely designed, developed, manufactured, coded and hosted in Australia. The company adheres to the highest standards of data security and operates a secure Australian cloud to store and process data. 

The Spectur ecosystem and associated Australian-based cloud avoids data sovereignty issues and potential security risks associated with routing sensitive data through foreign servers, providing high data protection capabilities. This gives Spectur an edge over competitors which rely on Chinese-made or other foreign-made products, where the pathways for data and control run through foreign software, introducing the risk of data leakage or worse. 

Meeting bespoke requirements

A unique additional benefit associated with the fact that Spectur’s systems are fully Australian designed and developed is the fact that Spectur can work with clients to formulate bespoke solutions for the unique demands of complex applications. Spectur offers a range of support and customisation services (including development, integration, installation, relocation, and maintenance).

Custom hardware and software can be developed to fulfil unique requirements. Spectur solutions are adaptable and can be made seamlessly interoperable with third-party security, safety, warning and remote communications and AI systems and applications.

Spectur’s systems can integrate in-house or third-party sensors, software and other technology to ensure accessibility, user-friendliness and access to all the information the systems require to excel in their assigned tasks. 

A critical issue

In the modern world, the importance of keeping data secure cannot be overstated. This has been underscored by the National Data Security Action Plan which the Australian Government released late in 2021.

The national plan is centred around three key pillars:

  • Knowing how well data is secured, by whom, and if it is secured to a level commensurate with the sensitivity of the data 
  • Knowing that custodians are held accountable through clear and concise guidance, policy and legislative mechanisms
  • Knowing what data is being stored, where it is being stored, and who has access and the ability to remove, transfer and destroy the data

It’s important that governments and critical asset owners keep these three pillars at the forefront of all of their activity.

When it comes to security and surveillance, thanks to Spectur’s Australian designed, manufactured and coded systems, which offer the highest standards of data security, users can be assured they have data security covered. 

For more information on creating safe communities using Spectur’s solutions, call 1300 802 960 to talk to our team and find the right solution for your unique onsite challenges.

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