Livestream: Seamless CCTV webcam streaming

Plug & Go – The Live Stream Advantage

The Live Stream platform can stream any IP camera video across the internet. Simply plug your camera into this CCTV Broadcast platform and all the hard work is done for you, resulting in a smooth 25 frames per second video stream accessible from any web browser globally 24 hours a day. Live Stream also provides a simple web-based management dashboard to monitor and control your streams in real-time.

Many companies are already using the powerful, yet simple Live Stream service to do things like; improve operational efficiencies. Others are using Live Stream to broadcast live CCTV video to the public. What will you broadcast?

Live Stream' diverse industry applications


Water Monitoring




Wild-life Management


Council Facilities Monitoring


Emergency Disaster Management


Public Spaces Monitoring

Live Stream Software Features

Simple Set-up & Help

• Fully Managed Service: Enjoy a fully managed service where we take care of the networking for you. Whether you bring your own cameras or need assistance, we’re here to help.

• 4G & Solar Remote Streaming: Benefit from 4G and solar-powered remote streaming options for seamless connectivity and flexibility.

Online Dashboard

• Real-time Management: Utilize our online dashboard for real-time management of your streams. Access troubleshooting tools and monitor everything from one simple screen.

Distribute Your Stream

• Embeddable Player for Any Device: Distribute your stream effortlessly with an embeddable player compatible with any device.

• Stream 24 Hours a Day: Enjoy continuous streaming, 24 hours a day, with data costs included.


Secure Cloud Service

• Australian Based Data Centres: Rest assured with our secure cloud service hosted in Australian-based data centers.

• Private “Layer 2 Data Network”: Connect to our private “Layer 2 data network” for enhanced security. Choose between bringing your own data connection or purchasing from us at competitive rates.

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