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Governments and utilities are eager to find sustainable and practical solutions for their daily operations in an effort to reach net zero. But one area being overlooked is security, where it is possible to develop a surveillance system that can safeguard both critical assets and the environment.

As Australia and the rest of the world makes the move towards net zero, it is becoming increasingly important for governments, utilities and businesses to adopt sustainable practices. Whether it is reducing carbon emissions or protecting endangered wildlife, there are worthwhile reasons to make the switch to less harmful and low resource-demanding technology.

Even in areas like surveillance and security, there are sustainable options available. With advanced technologies that can offer better protection for both assets and the environment, governments, utilities and businesses should consider setting up their security systems with sustainability in mind.

Spectur offers autonomous and AI-powered surveillance camera systems which not only prevent damage to critical assets but also the environment. With the assistance of AI and unique edge and cloud computing platforms, the Spectur system is the leading solution on the market offering enhanced environmentally-conscious surveillance and deterrence technology.

Going wireless for a remote solution

While most surveillance products require a grid power connection, Spectur’s cameras use rechargeable batteries and solar panels, eliminating the need for wired electricity, cables and trenching.

With no fossil fuels involved in powering these advanced wireless systems, Spectur camera platforms can function using green energy produced on-site, providing a low environmental footprint security solution for remote locations and also minimise the disruption that can occur with excavation for internet or power cables.

Additionally, Spectur camera and AI platforms are designed to minimise power and data usage, which helps to reduce costs while also maximising functionality.

Each station of up to four cameras can run for five days of fully overcast conditions when fully charged. Relying on renewable power generation can help organisations reduce emissions instead of powering traditional surveillance cameras using electricity from the grid.

With a wireless system that relies on solar-power, high quality and responsive security is feasible in any location without demanding wired, fossil energy-use or costs.

Self-reliant and durable systems

For critical assets located in remote areas, surveillance technology needs to be able to withstand the harsh conditions and require little maintenance.

Particularly in areas near the coast or in arid parts of the country, there are high winds, seasonal flooding, droughts and other wild weather events that can destroy or damage most technology, leaving critical assets unprotected or needing constant maintenance.

Spectur camera stations are robust and built to last in remote locations where they can be battered by high winds or damaged by intense storms, meaning only minimal maintenance is required to keep these systems running.

Similarly, with many critical assets in Australia located in areas far from urban centres, surveillance and alarm systems can’t be reliant on wired-internet connection.

Spectur AI and cloud storage platforms use a 3G/4G modem built into the camera stations to transmit data remotely, which means these platforms can not only be wirelessly powered, but also wirelessly connected to the internet. They are even trialling a Starlink solution for truly off-grid applications.

As a result, Spectur security solutions offer easy installation and low-intrusion, with no cable trenches or significant works required to get the technology set up and going. This reduced environmental impact can make all the difference in remote or ecologically significant locations.

Preventing illegal dumping

On top of reducing emissions, Spectur’s platforms are capable of preventing pollution by monitoring areas for illegal dumping. People dump clothes outside charity shops, rubbish along beaches or even damaged equipment on roadsides. Even though it may seem harmless, this waste can end up in water systems, clogging drains or harming local wildlife.

Using Spectur camera platforms, one Victorian council was able to detect and prosecute over 400 incidents of illegal waste dumping.

Spectur deterrence systems can distinguish real threats from fake ones with the assistance of AI, helping reduce false alarms and avoid wasting resources. On top of that, once a threat has been identified, the system can deploy alarms or warnings to deter people from leaving waste behind in the first place or notify local authorities.

Even retroactively, Spectur camera platforms can capture images of the people responsible for dumping and identify the number plates of vehicles, which can be used to prosecute offenders.

Reaching net zero will not only require switching to renewable energy, but also implementing technology that can prevent environmental damage before it happens. With autonomous sensors that can detect people or vehicles around bins, parks, and other public places, Spectur security systems can significantly reduce illegal dumping.

Environmental preservation

As well as monitoring humans, Spectur surveillance systems can also monitor wildlife and vegetation to keep track of populations and ensure endangered species are protected.

In remote bushland, flora and fauna health or activity can be gathered from data collected by Spectur cameras, including images and video, which can be then used to build baseline models and also evaluate impacts and mitigation measures.

Even when natural disasters, such as bushfires or floods, displace local wildlife, Spectur’s autonomous surveillance solutions can help gauge population numbers and assist with reintegration of rescues.

In parks and reserves, local governments can also identify any fallen branches or damaged trees, which may pose a hazard to people, wildlife, access roads or utilities.

There is a lot Spectur surveillance technology can offer in the world of security when it comes to sustainability. With the right security system, organisations can improve environmental outcomes by making the most out of the resources available and preventing damage before it happens, instead of waiting until it is too late.

For more information on using Spectur’s smart solutions to enhance community safety, download our whitepaper Sense, think, act: how smart technology is making communities safer hereor call 1300 802 960 and talk to our team about finding the right solution for your unique onsite challenges.

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