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September 4, 2019

“One of The Best Small Cap Opportunities on the ASX according to Sector Reports” – Featuring Spectur Limited (ASX:SP3)

Spectur Limited (ASX: SP3) Reports Record Revenues On Strong Surveillance 

A record-setting quarter affirms Spectur Limited (ASX: SP3) growth metrics as it continues to send shockwaves on the development of high definition security camera powered by the Internet of Things. Earnings for the three months ended June 2019 affirm a company on its way to become a key a player in the video surveillance market. Ongoing sales and recurring revenue growth signal the company’s growing market share in a market poised to reach $62.62 billion by 2023. Read more

August 1, 2019

Security Surveillance Player, Spectur Reports Record June Quarter Results

An Australian-based company, Spectur Limited (ASX: SP3) offers cloud-based technology and security system solutions. The company is working towards revolutionising security & surveillance systems using IoT, solar and artificial intelligence technology. Spectur designs, develops and manufactures systems that protect businesses and organisations in industrial, commercial and government sectors. Read more

July 31, 2019

An introduction to Spectur SP3: SaaS + solar hardware integrated solutions with real and ongoing growth momentum




May 31, 2017

Spectur Sets Sights on Melbourne 

Solar-powered Internet of Things security outfit Spectur is gearing up for a nationwide expansion, preparing to capitalise on what it says is a physical security market that will be worth $US105bn by 2020. Read more