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No WiFi, No Problem: The Potential of 4G Remote Monitoring


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While industrial security systems may be simple to set up where you have ready access to cabled internet or WiFi and mains power, monitoring critical infrastructure in remote areas has traditionally posed more of a problem:

  1. How do you power a remote security system consistently and reliably?
  2. How do you stay connected with the system and monitor the site live? And,
  3. How do you stop vandalism from occurring, both to the camera itself and onsite when someone can’t be present?

At Spectur our local team has carefully considered each of these challenges as we designed and refined the 3G/4G Solar Security Camera System. This system is currently being used where many other systems can’t – for example, at a remote mine site in the Australian outback, a gold processing facility in Indonesia, the top of a sand dune on an unpatrolled beach in Western Australia, and on the perimeter fence of a solar farm.

Here’s how this system meets the challenges – and expands the potential – of remote security and surveillance monitoring.

  1. High quality solar panels
    Australia has no shortage of remote infrastructure, and also no shortage of solar energy. As such a powerful solar panel and battery system will be the logical choice for any industrial 4G remote monitoring camera on stations, construction sites and critical infrastructure sites.

    The Spectur HD5 and STA6 systems are encompassed inside hardy, powder-coated, weatherproof enclosures, complete with single or dual solar panels and batteries, 3G/4G modems, lights, speakers and antennae. The systems are designed to operate for up to four days without sunlight. There is no cabling, power ports or trenching to worry about, because the system is entirely self-contained. Simply concrete in a post, attach the system to an existing structure or utilise one of Spectur’s versatile mobile base or trailer solutions.

  2. 3G/4G connectivity
    With 3G/4G connectivity, you can expand your security presence to many remote and regional areas with peace of mind. The in-built LTE router can connect via your data plan of choice or our recommended SpecturCare. SpecturCare includes a full Telstra backed data plan and provides a crisp live feed to your device as well as connection to Spectur’s Cloud Management Platform. This means we can check signal strength, upload and download speeds, battery conditions, set parameters and send any required updates – all remotely. Artificial Intelligence recognises human and cars, and can trigger lighting and a warning alarm or spoken audio to actively alert and deter intruders. This can be highly effective on remote sites where you might not have staff close by to respond to the notification.

  3. Vandal-resistant design
    When you’re installing industrial security cameras on a site that’s far from civilisation, you’ll need a tough, vandal-resistant design – otherwise you could be wasting your money and risking your assets.

That’s why we’ve designed the Spectur HD5 to be a hardy and self-enclosed system, with vandal-proof mesh covering the 50W motion-activated LED light of the HD5 or otherwise recessed or enclosed sensitive componentry. The system is almost impossible to reach and damage when correctly installed, and the active warning and deterrence system makes it highly unlikely that the offender will even stay onsite – let alone think about damaging the security camera. Data is stored in the cloud, providing an accurate, safe and reliable account of what’s occurring onsite for live monitoring and any follow-up action.

It’s certainly no longer the case that remote critical facilities need to go without reliable and consistent monitoring. The right solar powered commercial security cameras ensure that you can ward off intruders automatically and keep a close eye on activity, even when you’re nowhere near the actual site.

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