The STA6 platform is the highest quality vision and sensing platform available, delivering unmatched power and capability to sense, think and act. Its long-range sensing and detection capabilities support a multitude of security and surveillance applications. Offering superb low-light 4K vision, it’s the perfect camera choice for all light conditions. Designed and built in Australia, this robust wireless, solar-powered platform suits even the harshest conditions. Its powerful processor supports cloud and edge-based visual AI applications. Built-in sensors, microphones, speakers and lighting systems complement its exceptional vision.


The HD5 is the practical choice for a range of security and surveillance applications. It provides a reliable, full-colour, high-definition single camera solution in a robust, solar and battery-powered platform. Its passive infrared and camera-based detection combines with cloud-based visual AI applications, onboard speakers and lighting systems. The HD5 has been the solution of choice for 1000s of applications across Australia.


Supplement and extend the range and detection of the Spectur platform options with accessories that support our exceptional camera and lighting solutions. Our sensor bollards target high-value items on a site while the all-terrain solar trailer gives you efficient mobility. Our solar lighting options complement solar deterrent platforms, providing a cost-effective solution to keep your site fully illuminated, safe and secure.

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