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Solar Wireless Cloud Recording Camera with Live Surveillance and Time Lapse

The Ultimate Wireless Solar Powered Security Camera Solution.

What Spectur can do for you

Record and broadcast high definition images 24/7

Provide time-lapse video of any selected time frame

Send out email and in App alerts within seconds of activation

Issue pre-recorded spoken warnings when alarms are triggered

Turn on powerful LED lights to illuminate the area

Report activations instantly to a professional monitoring station

3G/4G Security Camera

Spectur cameras detect object motion using patented algorithms.


The wireless cloud recording camera features a powerful computer, which is designed to distinguish between real objects, shadows, and clouds. Thereby reducing false alarms.


Once an alarm is triggered, a verbal message is broadcast to the intruder informing them that they are being watched and security is on its way.


The large 50 LED light illuminates the area at night while the camera records high-definition images, which are cloud-stored, safely offsite.


Once the alert system is activated, you are instantly notified via in App alerts. Footage can be viewed immediately from any web-enabled device; there is no software installation required.

The combination of the wireless system camera’s bright light and the verbal warnings have been proven to successfully scare intruders off a site before a crime is committed.


In the scenario, the speed of the alert delivery allows you to quickly decide what action to take if the intruders decide to linger around your site. And with all images stored off-site, there is no risk of evidence being tampered with or destroyed.

3G/4G Solar Powered Security Camera

The solar powered security camera from Spectur works to remotely monitor your site – 24/7.
Featuring a completely wireless design, the remote cloud recording solar camera proves to be the perfect solution for property owners, farmers, and site managers looking for high-level surveillance device.
The Spectur camera features 3G and 4G connectivity, with no cabling, power ports, or special installation required. The solar panels charge during sunlight hours and work to illuminate the area with 50W LED lights.
These lights are activated when you choose to connect remotely to view your site at night.

Time Lapse

The Spectur 3G/4G surveillance camera gives you full control and more options to view your content than ever.


Time Lapse allows you to get a full scan of your day in a fraction of the time.You can alter how you view back your video, changing the image quality, frame rate, or the capture schedule where you see fit.


Access your time lapsed video remotely or choose Live View to get updates directly to your phone as they happen.


You can alter how you view back your video, changing the image quality, frame rate, or the capture schedule where you see fit. Access your time lapsed video remotely or choose Live View to get updates directly to your phone as they happen.

Cloud Recording – Better than CCTV

With the Spectur 3g surveillance camera being live at all times, you can instantly access the remote live feed whenever you like.
The solar-powered security system even knows if you are viewing the camera at night and will automatically turn on the 50 LED light. As soon as you log in to your cameras, you will receive sharp, high definition images at several frames a second.
You can have as many cameras as you like linked to your one secure login – switching between the wireless security cameras is just a click away.


Remote Solar Powered Security

Our low bandwidth solution helps keep costs to a minimum. With motion activated systems, the Spectur solar powered camera only responds when it detects movement in the area.


These features are fully customisable from within the system’s app. The app, available on Android and Apple devices, is easy to use and provides a lot of power to the user.


Advanced solar technology ensures that you’re always online, with an emergency backup cell installed to keep you in control even when the sun isn’t shining.


No Power Needed

No cabling or wiring required. Spectur’s advanced solar and battery storage technology means your system can run continuously. Even in periods of bad weather!


We stand by the durability and reliability of all our Spectur products including a 12 month guarantee. You’re dealing with the only national, ASX list company in this sector, with industry-leading support and backup.

Spectur smart phone app
Easy App

The Spectur wireless security camera control app is available for both iOS and Android, making it easy and simple to use from wherever you are on the 3G/4G network. No specialist technical knowledge needed.

Cloud Recording

Spectur systems are completely controlled through their innovative cloud infrastructure. Everything from managing alarm and camera parameters to the ability to monitor system performance.

The Spectur system is the ideal security and remote management solution for:


Project Managers

Site Managers

Property Owners

Purchase outright or hire from as little as $14 a day*.

A very small price to pay for peace of mind.

*price depends on the number of systems rented and duration of rental period. Excludes Freight, Data Plan and Installation.

What Our Customers Say

Sharon Bagnell - Axis Packaging
Sharon Bagnell - Axis Packaging
We have been using Spectur Security for 12 months. We had problems with the high call out fees from our existing security company when nothing was happening. Spectur has solved our problems completely. I would recommend the system wholeheartedly.
Mitchell Dowdell - Gallacher Builders
Mitchell Dowdell - Gallacher Builders
We started using the Spectur system after suffering repeated thefts and damage on our sites. Patrols weren’t working and static guards were prohibitively expensive. We have been extremely happy with the effectiveness of their system. Thieves just seem to leave us alone! I’d recommend it to any builder. It’s saved us a lot of time and money.
1300 802 960