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Record Your Build With Time-lapse

Record Your Entire Build with Time-Lapse Video


If you’re a project manager or company owner in the building industry you’ve probably already been told that construction site photography is a ‘must-have’. It may sound superfluous but we’ve discovered that it’s true for a variety of reasons. While video cameras will take care of any site security concerns, you also need video and photos for your marketing efforts, staff training and customer education. Construction and infrastructure time-lapse video is an incredibly valuable tool.

To meet these multifaceted needs Spectur solar security cameras have developed a unique time-lapse feature that allows you to channel high-definition images and video footage to your desktop or even the mobile app on your smart-phone. The result? High-quality time-lapse video to use not just for security – but in every aspect of your business.




In case you’re new to the technical side of things, time-lapse video is one of the most interesting and economical ways to capture the progress of a build. The results are epic. You’ll have stunning images of chosen angles taken at regular intervals – then combined and sped up to show customers the process of building in an easily relatable way. Time-lapse video like this has become extremely popular on social media and of course, it’ll make an excellent and unique addition to your company’s website.

While your crew works hard on the project you’ll be able to capture every step of the journey, then watch in fast forward as the days pass and the buzz of hard work continues towards your end goal. Time-lapse video has become a valuable asset that’s growing in popularity with domestic builders and small commercial project managers all over Australia.



Boost Marketing Efforts With Time-Lapse Video


Utilising time-lapse video will allow you to take more control of the business-generation side of things. Whether you outsource your marketing or do it yourself, this is the type of content that will engage future clients in a way that a file of DSLR progress shots just can’t do.

You can set the length and speed of your video and post it on social media as a form of testimonial to all your hard work. And, it’s not just good for your own business pages. You’ll find customers love sharing the progress of their projects with their own audiences. Word of mouth remains the most trusted form of marketing so it’s a winner on all sides.

Another excellent way to use the time-lapse video of your builds is to play them in your marketing booth at trade shows. Time-lapse quickly captures the attention of consumers wandering amongst rows of suppliers at busy home shows. You’ll find yourself with an increase in inquiries and an easy to manage tool that not only proves the quality of your process but pulls future business to your booth like flies to a bottle of beer left in the sun.


Time-Lapse Video As A Staff Training Tool


One of the cool things about the Spectur time-lapse function is that you can choose the speed and time spans of your videos. This makes them excellent as an internal education resource and staff training tool that you can use to improve your building processes – and ultimately increase your bottom line.

When you look at a compressed version of the build process you’ll be able to highlight areas where improvements can be made. Whether it’s changing the location of your equipment and fittings storage spots to speed up the workflow, or changing the site of vehicle parking to avoid unnecessary delays and wasted movement. The ultimate building site works like a machine with hundreds of cogs functioning fluidly. Time-lapse video can help you to make that happen.


Add Maximum Value To Your Customer Experience


Time-lapse videos are not just good for your own marketing use, they’re also an excellent way to make project reporting a breeze. If you’re currently spending time sending weekly or monthly reports to customers you can easily cut the files for your clients to view instead. It’ll save you those long report emails and phone calls. With video there’s no need to translate everything into layman’s terms and your customers will have a unique perspective on a building process that may have previously been unfamiliar to them.

And, if there’s ever a question for insurance purposes or accountability you won’t have to scroll back through hours of video files. Just select the period of time you want to view, set the speed settings and invite your audience to watch from wherever they happen to be.


Choose Time Lapse With Spectur Solar Security Cameras


If you’re going to invest in building site security cameras it makes total sense to choose cameras with a time-lapse video feature and Spectur can meet all of your needs.


  • Scan the progress of a day, a week or even the whole build in a fraction of the time
  • Choose from a range of logical and easy to use viewing settings to playback your video
  • Use the remote functions to schedule, change the image quality and speed of capture
  • View it live or receive daily updates to your device at the end of every workday.


Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions about the time lapse functions of our solar security options. We’re well proven in the Australian market and can quickly set up your site to capture time-lapse videos that will grow your business.


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