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Reducing Security Expenses With Deterrence Systems


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Reducing Security Expenses With Deterrence Systems

Every business wants to ensure that their property is secured against vandals and their assets protected from theft. To achieve the desired 24/7 security, many have utilised the services of a security officer. While no doubt useful, the additional costs of adding employees for this highly specific role can add up over time.

For businesses that have large, remote properties where their assets are stored, security expenses can be even higher. Security system costs don’t have to be astronomical, and a solar deterrence system can actually help reduce overall expenses.

How Our Remote Deterrence System Works

Spectur’s solar-powered system is an active security solution that is effective at preventing crimes before they occur. Operating solely on energy harnessed from the sun, with a battery for backup, our system is a truly wireless deterrence system that can be easily installed and transported where it’s needed.

The Spectur system goes above and beyond traditional close-circuit television monitoring by combining the most effective aspects of both surveillance and deterrence:

  • Audio warnings: When the HD or 4K camera detects movement, a pre-recorded message will be played to deter any intruders and alert others nearby to the hazard.
  • Visual aids: At night, an LED light will shine light on the situation. Using a bright white light allows the camera to record sharp colour images.
  • 24/7 monitoring: You can access a live-view of your site on your smartphone, laptop or desktop anywhere you have an internet connection. Or, you could opt for SpecturCare and access our 24/7 monitoring service.
  • AI technology: We leverage state of the art Artificial Intelligence so our systems have the lowest false alarm rate in the market. Before sounding the alarm, our systems will forward images to the cloud when movement is detected to determine if it’s an animal, car or person on the property.

The Savings You Can Expect To See

Hiring a security officer or night patrol guard is no doubt effective at deterring crime, but they do have their weaknesses when compared to remote deterrence systems. First and foremost is cost. Traditional security methods, like guards, can cost upwards of $45/hour, while a solar-powered security camera costs only $0.60/hour.

To put that in perspective, 33 Spectur virtual security guards can work for 24 hours at the same price of hiring just one human guard for 8 hours. A monthly, recurring cost is easy to add into an organisation’s budget and there will be no surprises or lapse in coverage.

The direct savings might be convincing enough, but it’s also important to note that a deterrence system also offers:

  • 24/7 surveillance reliability: Spectur security cameras work 24/7 in any weather or condition. Security guards are physically unable to meet this demand. A provided 3G/4G connection allows users to access a live view in high-definition on selected mobile devices or computers. With full day and night surveillance, companies can monitor deliveries, staff arrivals and departures, unsafe work practices and theft.
  • 100% event accuracy: Access the stored recordings or live feeds from remote cameras at any time. There’s no better way to know what happened during a security breach than from video evidence.
  • Self-management: No need to worry about constantly updating the system to ensure it’s working to the best of its ability. While employees need management and supervision, once set up, a deterrence system is ideally self-sufficient so employees can focus on other work.

The Financial Impact of Theft

From the expensive equipment found in construction sites to the roaming cattle of farmers, it can be difficult to prevent crime in remote and unsecured locations before its financial impact is felt. For instance, the National Equipment Register estimates that $650 million of high-cost construction equipment is stolen each year. While traditional CCTV can record a crime, it does little to prevent it from occurring.

Having a remote deterrence system in place can effectively monitor, record and ultimately stop a crime with audio and visual warnings before it is carried out. The best security system is active in preventing theft and vandalism, saving your business time and money from having to halt operations, process insurance claims and purchase new materials or equipment.

A deterrence system is the smartest investment for business security in the long run – even while you’re not working, it is. Learn more about how Spectur systems can enhance your security and reduce costs or contact us today to get started on finding your ideal security solution.

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