Remote Sensing & AI Solutions

Implement smart surveillance and security systems with remote sensing, AI and IoT capabilities.

Spectur products are designed for interoperability, unlocking the possibilities of AI and the Internet of Things. Many sensors and third-party software can be integrated to develop the security, warning, monitoring, sensing (or acting) systems you need.

Existing security systems & software integrations

Expand security with sensors

It’s now possible to expand your existing security set-up and find new functionality without huge expense. The Internet of Things can provide additional means of detection via remote sensors ranging from accelerometers, to GPS and reed switches. Using NBIoT or similar internet protocols, Spectur can provide custom or 3rd party sensors to add another layer of protection.

Monitoring environmental impacts

Monitor environmental impacts

You can integrate sensors with Spectur platforms for onsite environmental monitoring of water and air quality, water levels, contamination, salinity and more. Your sensing systems could be configured to trigger an audio and visual alert to the surrounding area for safety, and/or to send an alert to head office. At all times, you can visually check changing conditions onsite via your live camera feed.

Maintain compliance clearly

Many projects can require monitoring to comply with requirements, including construction, excavations, mining, tunnelling and demolition. Whether it’s noise, vibration, air quality or something else you need to monitor, you can incorporate the appropriate sensors via internet or app to a Spectur platform. The wireless system delivers immediate access to data and alerts, giving you greater control. These sensors can also be presented where you are through an online dashboard.

For community safety and smart cities

Keep communities safe

Ai and IoT integration provides a vast range of options for community safety and smart cities. Incorporate Spectur’s benefits with other “Smart City” Ai applications or sensors. Add a sensor to street-side security to be notified of higher pollutant levels. Or add smart drumlines, tagging systems, smoke or heat sensors to alert people to fire, flood or close-to-shore sharks. Our Australian-based team is here to help you craft the solution you need.

Whatever your needs, there’s a Spectur solution to suit. Our products and applications are developed for Australian users. We can even integrate most 3rd party Ai and sensing applications.

“At the Shire of Augusta-Margaret River we are focused on community safety being our number one priority. That is why shark warnings are a key component of our emergency management plans and why we invested in Spectur’s Shark Warning Systems”

Shire of Augusta-Margaret River

Two products for smart integration

The STA6 is another step above, offering 4K ultralow-light imagery or long-range thermal vision as well as GPS positioning and a microphone for two-way communication in the field. Choose the STA6 Base for exceptional range with additional peripherals or the PRO for 360-degree panoramic vision. The onboard processor means that the STA6 can support both cloud and edge-based AI, further expanding your options.

The HD5 is an ultra-practical option for remote sites where multiple single cameras might be optimal. It features full-colour HD camera-based and passive infrared detection, a speaker and 50W light for onsite deterrence and warnings. It’s also ONVIF compliant, so can be integrated with other camera-based systems. This solar and battery-powered platform supports cloud-based AI, so you can choose to integrate smart city software and other options that transmit data via the cloud – all without wires.


Keeping beach goers safe from shark attacks


Large parts of the Western Australian coast are far from regular ranger or surf lifesaving patrols, but very active for surfers and other community users. In situations where sharks were identified to be in the area, it was difficult to warn the community of the danger in a timely fashion.


The solution was an autonomous “lifeguard” or “ranger”, able to attract attention and tell people to get out of the water when hazards were identified by the community, smart drumlines, tagged sharks triggering seabed sensors or other inputs.
The Spectur “lifeguard” involved a camera-based platform, triggered remotely via the internet and 3G/4G modem to activate high visibility warning lights and a 98dB loudhailer with a spoken warning. This solar platform was installed at multiple unpatrolled beaches to provide warnings. The councils that deploy these systems can also log in to the cameras in the platforms to observe conditions in the area at any time.

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Spectur is used across construction, government, utilities and residential applications. There’s a solution to meet your needs too.

“Being in the transport industry, our company needed a reliable security solution to protect our compound.
Over the last 4 months, Spectur’s solar security camera has allowed us to keep an eye on our site in real time, wherever we may be and has prevented theft from happening on site.”

Perth Heavy Haulage

Speak with one of our specialists to choose one of our existing, or engineer a custom, solution to suit your requirements

See what else Spectur can do


Deploy these Australia-made surveillance systems to watch your site at any time, from anywhere. Spectur’s reliable solar & battery-powered technology makes it easy to monitor, manage and investigate activity remotely.


Spectur systems actively detect and deter intruders with bright light and a loud spoken warning. Our cloud-based Artificial Intelligence distinguishes people and vehicles from other movements to minimise false alarms.

Warning Systems

From shark and beach warning systems, to fire and flood alarms, Spectur surveillance systems are being used to keep communities safe around Australia. Integrate your sensors to respond and rapidly alert people to incoming danger when your emergency responders are far from site.

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