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Farm and Agriculture Security Cameras

Whether you’re running a traditional agribusiness, a wind farm or a solar farm, chances are you’ll have many valuable assets scattered across a large geographical space. Keeping track of these assets, and preventing theft or damage, can be a significant challenge – but one that must be met in order to keep your operation running efficiently and profitably.

What is the impact of farm theft, or damage to your assets?

It’s no secret that running a farm of any sort comes with some serious overheads, and often the margins between a good year and a bad year are wafer thin. Therefore, theft or damage to any of your key assets can have serious knock-on effects for your annual plan, and your bottom line.


This is particularly true if you’re operating in a remote area where repairing or replacing assets isn’t as simple as a drive into town. Waiting for replacement parts, or new machinery, takes time and can cost a significant amount in shipping, which adds to your overall downtime and the costs directly associated with the incident.


Even more concerning are the risks to your personnel if they’re unknowingly working with equipment damaged in an undocumented break-in. Agribusiness managers and renewable energy farm leaders are facing more compliance regulations than ever before, making occupational health and safety a key to successful operations in this sector.

How you can you improve farm site security?

If you’re farm or operation has already been impacted by intruders, or if you’re moving into a new, remote location and are unsure how to keep your assets safe, you may well have considered employing security guards.

These personnel can be effective in deterring thieves or vandals, and for intercepting them if they do venture into your premises. However, their capabilities are limited in farming contexts if they’re not reinforced with high quality technology solutions. This is simply because security guards can’t be everywhere at once. Agribusinesses and renewable energy farms usually cover many hectares, and have multiple potential points of entry. To get full oversight of your business, you’d need to hire a lot of security personnel to work around the clock, an expense which will soon add up.

Even if you combine a few security guards with traditional manned surveillance cameras, you’re unlikely to see a good return on investment given the infrequent nature of serious break-ins.

What constitutes a practical approach to farm security?

Given the nuances of protecting a farm business, you need a system that can perform the following functions:

Warning and deterrence

Because intrusions can be so detrimental to your business’ ability to function, your ultimate goal shouldn’t be merely to be able to identify the perpetrators after the fact, but instead to stop them before the crime is committed. At Spectur, our cameras feature:

Audio warnings:

This means intruders warned with an alarm or verbal caution to leave the site, which is often very effective, and crucially avoids the need for police or security to attend the scene..

High-impact illumination:

This is especially effective in remote locations where intruders may think no one’s around. The sudden triggering of a bright light, connected to smart sensors, will often encourage offenders to leave the area.


You also need to be confident that your security system allows you to effectively monitor your entire operation, no matter its size.

24/7 Monitoring

To do this, look out for cameras that can:

Produce time lapse footage:

This enables you or your team to check on issues at any time and rewatch old feeds. Even better are cameras that reproduce images in colour – this seemingly small difference can make a huge impact on your ability to monitor events and make decisions effectively in real time.

3G/4G connection:

This allows you to check up on your site from mobile devices on-the-go. This is especially important for remote sites where operators can’t as easily check on security themselves.

Solar powering

While not essential in every scenario, if you use a security system that can run off solar power, you aren’t limited to positioning cameras to locations where electricity is readily available. This gives you a better chance to comprehensively cover your entire operation.

Spectur and farm security

For years, Spectur has been working with Australian organisations businesses across a variety of sectors to help them protect their assets and continue business as usual. Vitally, our solutions are not one-size-fits-all, and are tailored to the unique circumstances of your operation.


Regardless of where you’re located or how remote you are, each of our cameras are linked to Spectur’s central management system, ensuring we handle any technical issues efficiently. Our equipment can also be upgraded with our latest software patches remotely as needed. For those who need in-person maintenance, or just want to chat with the team, we have four major offices Australia-wide servicing each state and territory.


For more information on how we can help provide you with peace of mind through the highest-tech security system on the market, get in touch with our team today to discuss hiring or purchasing equipment.

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