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Security Camera Hire – Cost Effective and Easy

Security Camera Hire

Ensure Your Site Without The Expensive Outlay


After years of working closely with the Australian construction industry, we’ve come to understand first-hand how tight profit margins can be. That’s why we offer an option for high-quality solar security camera hire, rather than outright purchase our Spectur solar security cameras.

Of course, we want you to own our systems, and if you’re on a job that’s going to last more than 12 months, we can assure you, the return on investment will far outweigh the initial costings of your security camera setup. But if you’re on a short-term build, or you’re facing capital expenditure budget issues, then hiring or renting our solar security camera is an excellent option that can also be extremely cost-effective when tax time rolls around.



Three Benefits of Hiring a Security Camera


  1. Low Initial Outlay

You’ll get the peace of mind and income protection you need without the large initial cost. Spectur hires security cameras from as little as $14 a day. While this figure covers a small set up and doesn’t include the freight and data fee, the rental costs you will end up paying for your security system are the most effective way to protect your site quickly and cheaply.

  1. No Maintenance

You’ll never have to worry about the cost of servicing or replacement. Hiring Spectur security cameras means you get the latest models installed on site and the duty of care for the asset falls to us. We deliver them, we install them and we look after them for you without leaving a mess behind on your site.

  1. Tax Effective

While owning assets is great, they do depreciate in value and as a result, you will face a reduced level of deductible expense benefits on any related costs they incur. This simply means hiring security cameras is a very good option for larger organisations, as you’ll be able to claim back a good percentage of the rental cost itself when it’s time to lodge a return.


Hiring Can Be Just As Good As Owning


When you hire with Spectur you’ll have completely unrestricted use of our Solar Security camera systems. That means you’ll still get the full Spectur experience at a lower initial cost with fixed lease terms that won’t be sneakily increased during the period of your agreement with us. Our solar security camera hire contracts include the following and so much more…

  • Powerful 50 watt LED lights
  • 4-day battery standby and a solar power pack
  • Cloud recording and full access to system settings
  • Back to base alarms and remote live viewing
  • Both email and spoken alerts
  • Time-lapse recording for marketing
  • Integration with our monitoring station
  • High-resolution recording at up to 200 meters
  • Login from your own computer/smartphone
  • Multiple camera options with scheduling.



 Secure your site from as little as $14 a day and get all the benefits of a high-quality Spectur solar security camera with 3G/4G connectivity.



Fast, Professional Installation


Site security is often something that gets put on hold to service other expenses. The building and construction industry is like any other. Throughout the year, funds are redirected to where they’re needed most. But then when a security issue crops up, owners and managers need to be able to make a decision and implement a solution quickly.

That’s why security camera hire with Spectur includes a two-business-day turnaround service. We encourage you to trust your gut and take action if you feel that your site is at risk. To help, we’re willing to step up, get over there and install your system so it’s fully operational within 48 hours.

Hiring a security camera system will provide you with quality footage that fulfils legal prosecution requirements and won’t let you down technically. With 24/7 wireless, high-resolution footage you’ll be prepared for any outcome.


Hire A Security Camera, Not A Security Guard!


In past times the first port of call would be hiring a security firm or signing up a patrol to drive by your site. But it’s important you know that hiring Spectur security cameras far outweighs those options and will cost you a fraction of the price.

The first point of difference is consistency! You’ll have 24/7 actual recordings instead of just reports. While there are many reputable and professional security guard companies out there, human error is always a risk and you can’t beat having actual evidence on film.

The access to instant live viewing from wherever you are, means you’re always on top of things. If something goes wrong, our monitoring system is alerted immediately. You’ll get a spoken warning and an email to let you know there’s been an anomaly so you can log in and check it out yourself.

And while we hate to sound cold, machines are simply easier to manage than people. Your security camera system won’t be taking sick days or getting scared off by intruders. It’s completely self-managing allowing you to focus on work. Spectur solar security systems will ensure you don’t have to suffer from project delays due to stolen equipment or fittings. Or pay the price of lazy contractors who think they can start late or knock off early without anyone noticing.

Our specialist security engineers are available to provide you with a customised site consultation and help you determine the best, and the most cost-effective option to solve your security monitoring issues.



24/7 high-quality solar security cameras are more accessible than ever with Spectur.


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    I am interested in hiring a security camera with streaming for one month. Could I please ask for a costing on this?

    Many thanks


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