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Delivering a quality construction project on time, on budget, and ensuring people and the community are safe does not happen by accident. Monitoring construction sites with cameras and sensing devices, equipped with deterrence systems as needed, substantially reduces onsite theft, vandalism and disruption as well as providing a platform for improving productivity and managing occupational health and safety (OH&S) hazards.

Addressing the most significant risks to building site security


Construction projects often have highly valued equipment and materials visibly located on site, which are attractive to criminals. In Australia, statistics suggest that nearly 40% of all construction and building companies are affected by theft or vandalism every year. These costs are not just limited to the costs of replacing equipment and materials, they also extend to the costs of repairs, delay, labour costs, insurance excess or premium increases and the need for extended management time to mitigate. Considering this likelihood and frequency, building site crime is a cost construction companies simply cannot afford to ignore.


The physical nature of building work also means there is a higher inherent risk of OH&S hazards. Anything from poor site housekeeping and loose materials to a fuel leak can make a construction site dangerous. Without constant surveillance it can be difficult to assess whether a site is safe at all times, especially on remote construction sites where there is no permanent site or management presence.

Developing a more complete security system

Reducing the risks of unexpected equipment misuse by intruders is simple – it starts with prevention. Security guards are an effective security measure for both deterring potential crime and addressing onsite offenders after an incident has taken place. However, manned patrols are expensive and usually not present at all times. Electronic surveillance and deterrence systems, connected via wireless cloud platforms, can provide an overview of your site every hour of every day for a fraction of the cost.


Construction site surveillance systems provide site managers with the insight needed to better protect their building project, without having to be on site. With instant access to video feed of an incident or live CCTV, remote operators can respond quickly and effectively to issues as they arise. This improves project productivity, reduces costs required to respond to negative events and strengthens compliance with building site safety regulations.


How building site security camera, deterrence systems and surveillance work

An advanced building site camera system will accommodate a range of security features and devices to achieve total site protection:

Warning and deterrence

Even if criminals are caught post an event, the costs and disruption are rarely recovered. Preventing theft or equipment damage from happening is more cost-effective than reacting to incidents. Deterrence system solutions include:

  • Optical and thermal cameras and passive infrared sensors (PIR) to detect and record intruders or events. Where risk of false alarms is high, combined with Artificial Intelligence (AI) to narrow the range of events.
  • Audio warnings. In this situation, onsite intruders are warned with an alarm or verbal caution to leave the site. In most cases this is effective enough to prevent further issues without the need for a response team of security guards or police officers.
  • High-impact illumination. This is designed to startle outside parties, particularly in remote locations. Immediately illuminating an area usually encourages offending individuals to leave the site before any damage is done.
  • Alerting and informing remote guard or monitoring services. This enables an informed decision about mobilising police or guards to a site where a confirmed event has occurred.


Monitoring your whole building site can have an effect on safety, productivity and claims management. .

  • Building site security cameras can be configured to provide 4K video time lapse footage or live CCTV so that construction managers can check on issues and progress at any time and rewatch old feeds. Colour footage improves insight into events as they happen, and makes informed decision making easier.
  • Camera equipment is connected through a 3G/4G platform, wifi or even satellite to selected mobile devices, for surveillance on-the-go.

Spectur and construction sector security

Building site surveillance shouldn’t be left to chance. A sophisticated network of security cameras and other devices gives operators the best chance of reducing the risks of construction crime, improve productivity and safety performance. Spectur’s surveillance and deterrence solutions are tailored to suit the unique nature of the construction industry. At Spectur, all we do is provide reliable solutions and platforms with cameras and IoT devices using solar powered platforms.


Spectur is an Australian company, with our products designed, manufactured and installed by us across the country and increasingly sold internationally. Our software and hardware is internally developed, ensuring that we are able to tailor and modify solutions to your needs, in accordance with Australian Standards. As a proudly Australian company, our solutions are also fully secure without the data and security risks associated with using foreign manufactured systems.


Our focused internal research, design and engineering team has uniquely designed our systems to work reliably in our sometimes harsh environments. Features including an armoured housing, protecting cameras and other componentry, internal non-IP camera systems which remove the hacking risk inherent with such technology, optimised power management systems (which reduce the overall size and cost of our systems and industry leading uptime and false alarm performance mean there is no better system suited for the construction environment.


No matter where you are based nationwide, every one of our security cameras is connected to Spectur’s central management system, ensuring we handle any technical issues efficiently. Your Spectur equipment can also be upgraded with our latest software patches remotely as needed. For those who need in-person maintenance, or just want to chat with the team, we have four major offices Australia-wide servicing each state and territory.


Think that Spectur’s security cameras are ideal for improving site safety and safeguarding your valuable assets? Contact the team to discuss purchasing our security systems or hiring camera equipment. It can cost as little as 60 cents per hour (all inclusive) for 24/7 protection!

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