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Securing construction sites with intelligent surveillance camera systems.

Protect your profitability with a wireless security solution that lets you monitor and record onsite activity from anywhere – and actively deters crime too.

Securing and managing construction sites has never been simpler.

Challenges in construction site security

Preventing site theft

Construction sites are an appealing target for thieves due to the valuable plant, tools, fuel, copper, componentry, and other high-value materials onsite. Spectur’s AI-driven camera solutions identify would-be criminals and deliver visible and audible deterrence to make them leave, while notifying security of their presence. These systems are totally wireless and can easily be moved to suit changing conditions.

Deterring internal theft

Theft of high-value materials by contractors, trades or employees can also be a challenge. Our wireless site monitoring solutions provide an always-on presence to discourage internal theft. Security can be enhanced further by connecting extra sensors on gates, containers, vehicles, and elsewhere, alerting security personnel via the Spectur system.

Keeping sites safe

Safety can be compromised when people enter exclusion zones they shouldn’t. Our solutions use a combination of AI, motion detection and gridded video analysis to autonomously identify when people and vehicles are in danger at certain times and places and gets them out. The system remotely records activity for future safety review, while actively warning people not to enter. You can even use the systems to look through the history of events that have happened in the past to manage claims and understand root causes.

Capturing time-lapse

Time-lapse captures are perfect for monitoring changes over time, and with Spectur you can finally produce high-quality time-lapses of your site with ease. Construction clients have used these time-lapse recording capabilities for claims management, to better understand productivity and for project marketing purposes.

Managing sites

Site and project managers need to be aware of what’s happening onsite, but travel, time and more recently, COVID-19 restrictions can make this difficult. Remote surveillance and monitoring makes it simple to check in at any point to observe deliveries or problems, to check on people and assets onsite, and to monitor changes such as water levels and traffic. With the STA6 or options on the HD5, you can even have two-way conversations through the systems in real time.

Monitoring for compliance

Construction companies must comply with their legal obligations, but monitoring noise, vibration, air quality, water quality and many other regulations can pose a challenge. Connect sensors and cameras with your solar Spectur solution, and you’ll be able to receive smart alerts if key thresholds are reached.


From simple to complex needs, urban or remote applications, there’s a Spectur system to suit.

“Spectur’s solar security system is as easy to use as it is to setup. We have not had any incidents occur while Spectur’s system has been installed. An added bonus is the timelapse and live view features which allow us to keep images of our build and keep an eye on our sites when we cannot be there.“

BMD Constructions

Secure your site with a Spectur camera system

STA6 is the leading choice for high quality multi-camera images and detection. The camera system addresses a number of challenges for construction companies and engineers, including safety management, security, active deterrence and sensing requirements. It features up to 4 ultra-low light 4K optical or thermal cameras with the potential for full 360-degree vision. These platforms also come with two-way audio capability for live conversations with site, and GPS tracking for system identification.


The HD5 is suitable for construction companies seeking a cost-effective single camera solution, for closer range security and surveillance applications. It includes a full-colour HD camera, cloud-based AI and built-in 3G/4G modem, together with an onboard speaker and light for active deterrence. The HD5 is simple to install, available to hire or buy and can be mounted onto a mobile trailer base to be moved from site to site.


Capturing and communicating project progress in crisp full colour


Bella Build and Design was looking to capture the build of a new BP Rockingham facility, from earthworks to final fit-out.


A crisp, full-colour 4K time-lapse was captured using the Spectur HD5 camera. Bella Build and Design used the footage to communicate progress smoothly with their client. The same time-lapse was used to manage subcontract progress remotely and may also be used as a marketing tool in the future. The same system was also able to perform security and surveillance duties during the build, enhancing the value and usefulness of the platform.

Affordable to hire or buy

The ideal remote solution

No wires or cables required

Australian made and based

Spectur solutions can be used as is or integrated with a range of cameras, sensors and third-party applications including existing ONVIF compliant video management systems (VMS).

Speak with one of our specialists to choose one of our existing, or engineer a custom, solution to suit your requirements

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