Security Issues in The Melbourne Construction Industry

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Melbourne Construction Sites Are Fertile Ground For Theft.

As we creep into the last quarter, Melbourne contractors on both residential and industrial construction sites are bracing themselves for equipment and fitting theft to rise. Reports are worrying many in the Melbourne construction business with some claiming the industry is facing multi-million dollar annual losses.

The use of construction site security cameras provides relief for the problem which isn’t isolated to the loss of equipment and fittings but has a wider effect, causing costly delays and unrelenting financial pressure on managers and owners

Construction Site Security Cameras: Is It Worth It?

Construction companies in Perth said construction site security cameras were absolutely worth the investment after they faced increased site crime, but found success through the use of police prosecution backed by evidence from their surveillance cameras. And they picked up theft of all sorts!

From catching contractors who short their hours, to teenage vandals, to the usual types of tool, fixture and fittings theft.

“Construction site raiders will now target anything that’s not tied down but still focus on copper wiring, building materials and even vehicles.”

Solving Issues For Melbourne Site Managers

Building site security cameras are an excellent option for Melbourne construction companies worried about increasing crime rates. Managers with multiples sites will find they can monitor daily activities without the usual travel time between sites, and if they have been hit, the quick installation of cameras is possible to prevent the risk of double dipping – when thieves target the same construction site again.

The biggest issue is choosing the right type of cameras for your sites. Doing this will ensure your investment is recouped quickly and even your subcontractors will be toeing the line.

Solar Security Cameras Are Your Best Bet

If you’re looking for surveillance equipment make sure you choose a system that’s suited for outdoor environments. You need a rugged, all-purpose set up that won’t be corrupted by the movement of cloud shadows, bushes or a nosey magpie. Solar security cams are ideal for remote areas and the wireless option means you can reuse them time and again.

Remember, lighting conditions are likely to vary during day and night so make sure you go with a white LED system and that your cameras have a decent resolution so the police can properly ID any offenders. The range of footage is also important so choose a company that installs wisely, allowing you to properly cover areas up to 30 meters.

Lastly, don’t sign on with anyone who doesn’t offer 24-hour monitoring, instant alerts, real-time viewing and off-site cloud storage. Long-term profit margins will outweigh any investment hesitation.

Put A Stop To Construction Site Theft Today

If you’ve got a gut feeling that your contractors are on the take, or your site is at risk don’t waste any time. It pays to trust your instincts and if you’re right, you’ll avoid massive financial loss and the time delays that come with it.

Spectur is Australia’s leading solar security camera installation and monitoring service. Insurance providers alerted us to the growing issue of crime in Victoria, so we’ve recently opened an office in Sunshine West so we can get your cameras functional within a day.

View our range of solar security cameras . You’ll find we tick all the boxes you need and we’re happy to answer any questions you may have.

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