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Sense, think, act: why traditional surveillance cameras aren’t enough


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In the modern world the presence of security cameras is commonplace and expected. But as with all technology, traditional cameras are being replaced with newer, and smarter, surveillance technology, because in this new world watching is not enough – cameras need to be able to sense disruption or disaster, evaluate the threat, and act – within seconds.

Security and surveillance is needed in many situations, from monitoring crime and remote worksites, to watching charity bins prone to illegal dumping and many situations in between.

For a vast country like Australia, a one-size-fits-all solution is rarely applicable, with the country boasting rural areas and bustling metropolitan cities, all with unique issues surrounding safety and security – but with the same common goal of creating safe communities.

One of the most common forms of security around the world is camera surveillance, which while helpful, lacks the ability to assess the threat in front of the camera, weed out false alarms, and call in reinforcements when needed.

In addition, remote, temporary or unpowered sites can be uniquely prone to certain safety and security risks. These include theft or vandalism of critical infrastructure; storms, floods, fires or other environmental hazards; anti-social or criminal behaviour; environmental damage or harm to flora and fauna and more.

Such problems result in significant economic, social, environmental, and human harm each year.

Sensing danger and acting accordingly

This means that sites are often left with either poor (or no) surveillance, or the significant expense that comes with employing security personnel or staff.

Government and other institutions, private companies, and the public have to accept varying levels of risk, with potential repercussions involving considerable economic, social, environmental, and human costs.

But there is a better way.

Innovations in solar and battery-powered internet-enabled AI technologies now make possible intelligent surveillance, safety and warning solutions that operate autonomously in remote and off-grid applications. infrastructure from theft or vandalism, these systems provide organisations with effective solutions to complex off-grid problems, including previously insurmountable security and safety challenges.

Among other capabilities, these self-contained solar-powered solutions are programmed to detect hazards or criminal activity, distinguish between real issues and false alarms, and can act rapidly to deter theft or vandalism before a crime even occurs, warn the public of danger, and alert first responders to emergencies.

Utilising sophisticated decision rules, artificial intelligence and an array of onsite and cloud based actions, together with existing sensor infrastructure and active systems, these integrated surveillance systems don’t just sense danger, they act on it.

With smart technology monitoring unpowered sites, organisations can better utilise staff time and other resources, while remaining confident that the relevant people will be notified and immediate action taken should a problem occur.

Why make the change?

Spectur’s integrated solutions are decidedly unlike competitors, creating truly smart technology that can be tailored to a variety of pain points and communities.

Telecommunications giant Optus trialled Spectur’s solutions in 2020, installing cameras at mobile phone tower sites to reduce theft and vandalism.

The trial was a success, using a tailored spoken alarm to deter criminals, powered through separate infrastructure so power outages wouldn’t affect the security measures.

Since the trial began, crime has reduced significantly at the sites, leading Optus to deploy over 100 Spectur security systems.

The next step in surveillance, Spectur’s integrated surveillance systems not only handle any threats that arise, but critically, they act before the danger escalates.

For more information on creating safe communities using Spectur’s smart solutions, call 1300 802 960 to talk to our team and find the right solution for your unique onsite challenges.

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