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Sensing Applications

The internet of Things (IoT) is expanding and penetrating the wired environment at a rapid pace. It can provide tremendous insights through big data and analytics and be applied to an emergency alert system. Power and data cabling costs and limitations, and locked systems may have stalled growth of the IoT. But at Spectur, we’re driving a powerful shift from current expensive and restricted remote environment systems towards inexpensive and open solutions that can sense, think and act.

sensing application


Complying with noise, vibration and air quality requirements

Construction, excavations, tunnelling, demolition, and many other activities may need monitoring to ensure a project complies with obligations or meets community standards. Our remote job site cameras solutions can expand to incorporate monitoring, dashboarding and alerting in response to noise, vibration, weather, and other air quality data. Our unwired solutions connect directly to the internet or apps, enabling immediate access to alerts or data. We can provide full installation, servicing, and maintenance of these solutions.


Using sensing to reduce crime

Protecting property from theft and vandalism can be a costly burden to a company. We’ve developed wireless solutions to detect and deter criminal activity. Using reed switches on gates, doors and containers, vibration sensors or accelerometers on key plant items, and trackers on high-value tools or toolboxes, we identify movement, theft, or trespass within sites. Our solutions connect directly to remote sensors and trigger alerts. The alters are coupled with streamed camera vision and visible and audio deterrents and messages. Using a combination of sensors and camera surveillance can substantially reduce the chance of undetected criminal activity.

Delivering shark, fire, and other hazard warnings

Weather, temperature, smoke, seismograph, smart drumlines and tagged sharks can all be measured and used to trigger alerts and alarms to help keep our communities safer. We work with our clients to capture remote warning information and alerts in the field. Our emergency public warning system then warns the community using visual alerts combined with high-powered spoken word messages from speakers. A hazard and bushfire early warning system saves lives.

sensing application

Integrating sensing technology

Warning systems have typically attracted high costs, making them expensive to install and operate. However, our remote warning solutions are cost-effective. Our field platforms gather warnings through solar or battery-powered sensors directly or via the internet. We use sensor alerts combined with camera data to assess events and the response of the community to warnings. Spectur platforms include microphones and speakers, allowing direct communication to and from the field.

Water and environmental monitoring

Water and groundwater levels, water quality, contamination, salinity, and other environmental data can be used for a range of applications. Current monitoring solutions are labour-intensive, don’t provide continuously accessible data, and experience lags in reporting time. However, our sensing solutions connect remote solar powered security cameras and bring it to you. Using battery and solar technology, we can provide reliable, cost-effective data capture, enhanced with visual image capture.


Related Products


The STA6 is the highest quality vision and sensing platform available. It combines exceptional long-range sensing and detection with superb low-light 4 x 4K vision. Backed by its processing power, it supports cloud and edge-based visual AI applications. Onboard sensors, microphones, speakers, and lighting systems complement the 360-degree vision. The STA6 XS offers a gateway to other communication technologies, enabling it to be incorporated with other remote sensors and devices.


The HD5 shark detection and warning system is designed for long-range warnings. It features a 102db speaker system, plus twin red alert lights that beach goers can see and hear from 400m offshore. We can deploy Spectur remote security cameras in locations only accessible on foot, far from power and internet cabling.

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