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Spectur Solar Powered

3G/4G Beach Based

Shark Warning System

Bridging the crucial time gap between a shark sighting and authorities alerting beach users.

Key Features

No Power Needed

Solar and battery powered. No cabling or wiring needed, Spectur's advanced solar and storage technology means no mains power is required.

Fast Triggering & Remote Programing

Alert system can be triggered the moment a shark sighting is confirmed. Remotely controlled via PC and Mac from any location via the Spectur web login

Spectur shark warning system
High Volume Warnings

High volume 98db spoken pre recorded warnings and a bright 50w LED red flashing lights alerts people up to 500 meters away, even in the water.

Live Viewing

Live viewing in full HD. Spectur scameras can be viewed remotely so authorities can see what is happening in real time.

Specturs Shark Warning System is a highly effective cloud-based warning system.

It issues a remotely activated, pre-recorded spoken message at high volume with bright red flashing lights, alerting beachgoers that a shark has been sighted in waters off their beach. These warnings can be turned off remotely and an all-clear sounded.


It is a completely stand-alone, battery and solar powered with its own 3G/4G connection to the Cloud.

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Proven Technology

Spectur has been using their technology in the field for 5 years and have over 1000 systems deployed across Australia, many in coastal locations. Things like battery backup time, weather sealing, ruggedness, have all been well proven.

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Fast & Easy to Deploy

Very fast and easy to deploy as no power or wired internet services are required, which means no cabling or trenches are required.

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Australian Designed & Manufactured

Spectur is an ASX listed West Australian company, and all systems are designed, manufactured and tested in Perth.

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The system is always connected to the internet via the 3G/4G network, so it can be remotely triggered at any time.

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Bright Red Lights

Bright red flashing lights are activated in addition to spoken warnings. These warnings can be turned off remotely and the all-clear sounded.

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Spoken Warnings

The system remotely activates a pre-recorded spoken message at high volume, alerting beachgoers that a shark has been sighted in waters off their beach.

How It Works

Being a Cloud based system, alarms are triggered remotely, from any location, from the Spectur web login on PC or Mac. The system can also integrate into all major shark warning systems and be activated by these too.


The system bridges the time gap between a shark being sighted and authorities reaching the beach to close it down. Specturs Shark Warning system can be triggered the moment a shark sighting is confirmed.


This means that people on the beach will be alerted not to enter waters that local authorities know are a hazard. The system is also powerful enough to alert people in the water, up to a distance of 500m.

Spectur app



3.4 mp HD Camera module

Internal Computer

Quad Core Processor – 64GB eMMC card 2GB ram. Spectur analytics software built in power amplifier


Powder coated custom designed aluminium case IP65 key entry. Built in cooling vents

Perspex window 42 x 34 x 22cm. Custom mounting bracket included

Solar Panel

100w Custom mounting bracket 780 x 670 x 3cm. Total weight 8kg


12v 50ah Deep cycle lead acid. Weight 15kg


3G/4G Router – Standard size SIM.



98 db horn speaker

In addition to the light and audible messages, the system also has a high definition camera that allows authorities to remotely watch beach activity in real time from their phones or computers, from anywhere, over the 3G/4G network.


When the system is activated the camera also records the behaviour of people on the beach. This creates a useful record that can be used to modify how the system informs the general public of a shark sighting.

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We specialise in state of the art solar wireless security cameras, that are bulit to last the toughest conditions! Our solar surveillance cameras support 3g and 4g, remore monitoring, & viewing and support high-definition viewing!

About Spectur

Spectur is a well establish ASX listed company that has years of experience in providing cloud based, stand alone, solar powered systems to Australian customers. Spectur has over 1500 systems in daily use, using exactly the same technology as the Shark Warning System. It is a well-tested, proven system. Specturs systems are all proudly designed and built in Australia and Spectur have branches in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Queensland.

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