Perth Builders Invest in Spectur Solar Powered Security Camera

Spectur construction site alarm system

The building and construction industry in the Perth suburb of Fremantle is well aware of the high level of on-site crime the area attracts.

Perth Builders are a medium size construction company, with valuable projects in the $10-20m range. As their crew were approaching commencement of a 36 unit project in Fremantle, they received advice from neighbouring developments to quickly seek a rigorous security system for their site.

/Concerned by the possibility of major losses to their project from the high possibility of crime in the area, the company approached Spectur to find the best solution to secure their site.
After successfully using the Spectur system for his own projects, the brother of Perth Builders MD Sergio, was able to refer them to just how well the Spectur system had worked for loss prevention on his own projects.

“I wanted a system that would help me prevent crime and… offered [me] better coverage than dogs or patrols.”

With an extensive building project underway, Sergio made the decision to hire 10 solar powered 3G HD security cameras from Spectur.

“I’ve not had a single crime on site. The Spectur system has been 100% effective.

Sergio worked with Spectur to determine the best placement, which saw the 10 cameras positioned at entry points and areas where expensive assets and equipment were stored.

Sergio says that:

“I wanted a system that would help me prevent crime and that was more humane and offered me better coverage than dogs or patrols.”

Cost Benefits: Spectur Remote Powered Solar Powered Security Camera

Sergio went on to explain the outstanding cost benefits the Spectur solar powered camera system gave them.

“The added benefit of the Spectur system is that I can log into the cameras at any time and see what’s going on. Even if I am in another state or another country. This is very helpful and saves a lot of time and money not having to drive to the site from our offices”.

“The spoken warnings have been very efficient…When the spoken alarm is played they just leave the site as quickly as they can before a crime has been committed.”

Sergio has the Spectur system professionally monitored, so when alarms are triggered, they are verified before a call is made to him or the police.

“I have been told by the local police that if there is unauthorised access to the site out of hours, to call them. They said that they would be happy to attend with a video verified the alarm.”

The unique spoken warnings alarm feature, fully integrated into Spectur camera systems, is proven to be effective in removing intruders off site, as Sergio explains:

“We have had intruders on site, but the spoken warnings have been very efficient at getting people off-site very quickly. When the spoken alarm is played they just leave the site as quickly as they can before a crime has been committed”.

Spectur offers, even more, value. Sergio expresses how Spectur has helped his company in more ways than one.

“Through the day I can use the image recordings to check deliveries and who’s been on the site. This helps me manage my contractors and my OH&S obligations.”

“I have been using the Spectur system for nearly a year. Even through the Christmas break, when the site was completely unattended. I’ve not had a single crime on site. The Spectur system has been 100% effective.”

“On previous jobs, I’ve had very bad experiences with crimes that cause lengthy and costly delays. Our margins are very tight so delays can mean the difference between making and losing money on a project.”

“I consider the Spectur systems to be a very worthwhile investment and will definitely be using them on future projects”.

Protect your site with our solar powered security cameras, too! Get in contact with us to discuss your unique application.

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