Modular Solar-Battery solutionPower for Technology Anywhere the Sun Shines

The STA-Power is the first member of a new generation of power platforms for Spectur and 3rd party products. This platform will support existing and future generations of devices and camera platforms from Spectur and others.

STA-Power provides a complete power system including integrated solar panel, solar charge controller and lithium batteries. The solution also includes telemetry to advise and report power system performance, when connected to Spectur camera platforms. The modular and configurable platform comes in a range of battery and panel sizes to suit power demands and environmental limitations.

STA-Power is an Australian Made registered industrial design optimised for strength, reliability, simplicity of assembly and installation, resilience, modularity and cost.


Usage Cases

STA-Power output rating table

STA Power Output Rating

*Ratings are estimates based on past 5 years of Bureau of Meteorology solar data and 99% year-round uptime after 5 years of installation. Actual performance may be affected by changes in weather pattern for the given city. Panels must be installed in a Northerly direction and be unshaded to achieve rated outputs. Critical applications should derate the above numbers as appropriate so as to deliver the required safety factor.

From simple to complex needs, urban or remote applications, there’s a Spectur system to suit.

Whether your site challenge is simple or complex, speaking with a Spectur expert can help you solve it.

The real-world results speak for themselves

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We were experiencing a significant amount of loss on our project sites and we needed a solution to our security dilemma. Since changing to Spectur, we’ve had a mass reduction in theft. We’re saving more than $100K annually in security fees compared to the other solutions we were using.
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Marsupial Landscape Management

Our compound was experiencing a significant amount of theft. Since we started using Spectur’s product a few months ago, we’ve seen a mass reduction in theft and false alarms compared to the solution we previously used.
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Monford Group

“Spectur’s solar security system as it is easy to use & to set up. We have not had any incidents occur while Spectur’s system has been installed. An added bonus is the time-lapse & live view features which allow us to keep images of our build and keep an eye on our sites when we cannot be there.”

Other Products


The HD5 can be ideal if you plan to place multiple camera systems on your site. With its solar and battery power, 3G/4G modem and active deterrence technology, the HD5 is our most cost-effective security solution, yet still includes Spectur’s powerful deterrence and security capabilities.


From additional solar-powered lighting, to mobile and fixed mounting solutions and a diverse range of in-house and third-party sensing options, our accessories can help you take your Spectur surveillance and security solutions to the next level, to any site and to suit practically any application.

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