Solar Security Camera Systems -
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The STA6 platform is the highest quality vision and sensing platform available, delivering unmatched capability to sense, think and act. Our engineers have designed the STA6 from the ground up to support up to four, long-range 4K or thermal cameras whilst managing multiple sensors and devices, using advanced edge-based artificial intelligence. No alternative solar platform compares.


With its full-colour HD camera, speakers and light, the HD5 is designed to provide solutions to three key problems. The first is to accurately identify potential trespassers using advanced edge motion detection and cloud-based AI then actively deter them from entering the site with a bright light and pre-recorded message. The second is to provide a reliable surveillance platform allowing easy web and app-based live viewing of site activity. And the third is to support advanced warning and safety systems linking remote sensors, cameras and communication devices.

Spectur platforms are designed to be modular, flexible and easily integrated with your existing solutions. We can provide a range of high-quality accessories to mobilise, extend, illuminate and enhance your camera solution. Read more about available accessories from the solar surveillance trailer and base options to solar lighting and advanced sensor solutions. Don’t see what you need? Get in touch.

Which Spectur camera system?

Spectur’s HDA5 and STA6 wireless camera systems are both ideal for active deterrence, remote surveillance and sensing applications on unwired sites. Our security camera systems are developed for accuracy and flexibility. They’re also Australian-made, coded and manufactured.

Compare the two systems and their strengths below and contact us to speak about your requirements.

Ideal applicationsSurveillance, active deterrence & cloud-based warning systemsSurveillance and active deterrence on larger sites & onboard processing applications
Camera1 x HD5 3.4MP super HD low light camera, with 4K and long range thermal options availableChoose from 1 to 4 ultra-low light 10 FPS 4K or long-range thermal cameras
Cloud-based connectivity
Edge processingImage processing, motion detection algorithms, device operations & decision rulesAdvanced image processing, motion detection algorithms, artificial intelligence, device operations & decision rules
Solar & battery powered
Built-in 3G/4G modem
Uses AI to distinguish human and vehicle activity & minimise false alarms
Lighting50W floodlightSmart LED lighting with optional 50W floodlight
Audible messages and alarmsPre-recorded, fully programmable spoken messagesPre-recorded, fully remotely programmable and changeable spoken messages. Live 2 way communications to site
Microphone for 2-way communication with sitex
Real-time viewing via app or web browser
Secure, cloud-based data capture with full remote accessibility
GPS positioningxBasic and advanced tracking options
ONVIF compliant
Cameras supported1Up to 4
Optional professional monitoring and guard service
Buy, lease or hire

Who should use a Spectur camera system?

Spectur’s cloud-based security camera systems are used for a diverse range of commercial, industrial and infrastructure applications. Whether you’re looking for a reliable 4K outdoor security camera for your warehousing facilities or a 4G solar security camera and sensing system for your remote site, Spectur can help.

Speak with one of our specialists to choose an existing system or to engineer a custom solution to suit your requirements.

Speak with one of our specialists to choose one of our existing, or engineer a custom, solution to suit your requirements

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