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Spectur Solar Security Camera Emergency Warning System

The Spectur Emergency Warning System is a highly effective cloud-based warning system.


The system is solar powered with internal backup batteries so doesn’t require any cables or wires to allow it to work.


The system is always connected to the Spectur Cloud services enabling alarms to be triggered at any time from Spectur’s remote web login or app.

No Power Needed

Solar and battery powered. No cabling or wiring required.

3G/4G connectivity to Spectur's cloud management

No hard wired internet connection needed.

Pre-recorded Spoken Warnings

Highly effective alerts to danger.

Spectur Emergency Waring system red
Live Viewing

See what is happening in real time from your phone or computer.

Full Control via Spectur App

Remotely controlled via smartphone app - Android or iOS, Mac or PC

Bright Red LED Light

Clearly visible warning lights.

Once activated, the system issues a pre-recorded spoken message at high volume with bright red flashing lights, alerting people to the hazard and instructing them to vacate the area. Customised alerts can be loaded into the system.


The system is pole mounted and very quick to deploy.


In addition to lights and audible warnings (of your choice), the system employs a super HD camera that allows you to remotely view activity in the area. This can be recorded for later analysis. Everything is accessible from Spectur’s secure web login.

Main Features of the Spectur Solar Security Camera Emergency Warning System

3.4MP Super HD Low Light Cameras in HD5 Model

Solar & Battery powered.

3G/4G Connectivity to Spectur’s Cloud Management Platform.

Custom aluminum powder coated weatherproof enclosure.

Solar panel and mounting brackets included.

Secure web login for viewing alarms and live footage. No programs to download.

Remote Access via smartphone app (Android or Apple App) PC, Mac multi platform.

Link multiple cameras to a single secure login.

Alarms with automatic schedules for on and off times.

Spoken pre recorded motion warnings.

Designed and built in Australia.

Advanced in camera motion detection.

Bright 50w motion activated LED light.

Full remote programming.

Time Lapse recording stored to Cloud.

AI Engine for advance person and vehicle recognition.

Live Viewing.

Camera Applications

Construction Site Security

Large Area Perimeter Monitoring

Building Site Security

Remote Property Surveillance

Civil Works Site Security

Non-Powered Site Security

Alarms. Live View.


CCTV Recording. Timelapse.

All controlled by our advanced Artificial Intelligence technology.

A Spectur Solar Security Camera Emergency Warning System saves you time and money by helping to prevent injury in the workplace and monitoring emergency situations on your live feed.

Hire or Purchase

For as little as 60 cents an hour all inclusive, you can protect and secure your site 24 hours a day by renting a Spectur System or purchasing outright.


Spectur is a member of ASIAL
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