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Spectur remote surveillance system

Stop Crime. Protect Your Bottom Line

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Stop Crime.
Protect Your Bottom Line.

Australia’s Leading Solar Security Camera Solution

Site security just got a whole lot smarter.

No Power Needed

Solar and battery powered. No cabling or wiring required.

Multiple Alarm and Recording Modes

Decide how you want the system record and send alerts day and night.

Evacuation Alert

Evacuation alarms and spoken warnings can be issues remotely.

Pre-recorded Spoken Warnings

Highly effective at frightening intruders off.

Live Viewing

See what is happening in real time from your phone or computer.

Advanced Motion Detection

Using advanced Artificial Intelligence to minimise false alarms.

Full Monitoring Station Integration.

Self monitor or professional monitoring.

Bright White LED Light

Strong deterrent and full colour night time images.

Alarms. Live View.


CCTV Recording. Timelapse.

All controlled by our advanced Artificial Intelligence technology.

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What Spectur can do for you

Watches over your assets 24/7 in full HD

Provide time-lapse video of any selected time frame

Sends e-mails and In -App alerts if the system is activated

Frighten off intruders with spoken warnings

Illuminate areas with bright LED lights

Remotely view your sites in full HD in real time

99.9% Camera uptime. No False alarms. Own Outright.

Don’t Wait – Stop Crime In Its Tracks!


It’s easy, reliable and incredibly effective – saving you time and money

No Power Needed

No cabling or wiring required, Spectur's advanced solar and storage technology means your system can run for up to 4 full days with no sunlight!


We stand by the durability and reliability of all our Spectur products including a 12 month guarantee for Spectur installed systems.

Spectur smart phone app
Time Lapse

The Spectur wireless security camera also records a customisable time-lapse of your site.

Cloud Recording

Spectur systems are completely controlled through their innovative cloud infrastructure. Everything from managing alarm and camera parameters to the ability to monitor system performance.

The Ultimate Wireless Solar Powered Security Camera Solution

Powered entirely by solar

Thermal imaging option

Email and in App alerts

Switch view between multiple cameras

Removable and reusable

Connect via 3G/4G

24/7 Mobile Access

Remote arm/disarm

HD Live view

Easy to install and use

No trenching to carry power

Time-laspe recording function

Secure log in

Available on desktop and mobile

Custom designed and built in Australia

Hear what our Clients Say about the Spectur System

Find Out Why Australia’s Leading Companies Choose Spectur!

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Sergio Lucia – Perth Builders

We have been using the Spectur system for a year. I’ve not had a single crime on site. On previous jobs, I’ve had very bad experiences with crimes that cause lengthy and costly delays. 

Our margins are very tight so delays can mean the difference between making and losing money on a project. The Spectur system has been 100% effective.

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Andrew Rose – Yahua Australia

The service & equipment has been extremely high standard and I recommend anyone who requires a security monitoring system to discuss their requirements with Spectur.

I cannot fault the service provided by Spectur, always available on the phone to talk you through any challenges during the set up phase.

The Spectur product has reduced the security risk of our business.

Spectur quote icon
Mitchell Dowdell – Gallacher Builders

We started using the Spectur system after suffering repeated thefts and damage on our sites. Patrols weren’t working and static guards were prohibitively expensive. 

We have been extremely happy with the effectiveness of their system. Thieves just seem to leave us alone! I’d recommend it to any builder. It’s saved us a lot of time and money.

No Risk. No Loss. Protect your assets 24/7

* Terms & Conditions of The Spectur Free Trial


30 Day Free Trial – Terms & Conditions

Spectur Limited ACN 140 151 579 (Spectur) offers a 30 day free trial to specified customers, on and subject to the following terms and conditions (Trial Terms):

  1. These Trial Terms only apply to the purchase or hire of specified cameras which Spectur advertises and otherwise expressly states are subject to the policy.
  2. These Trial Terms only apply to approved new customers of Spectur who have not purchased or hired cameras or surveillance products from Spectur previously, including through related bodies corporate or entities controlled by the customer.  Spectur may determine a customer’s eligibility before the free trial period commences.
  3. These Trial Terms incorporate, where applicable, Spectur’s Standard Terms of Sale, Spectur’s Standard Hire Terms and/or Spectur’s End User Licence Agreement (as applicable), available here. (Standard Terms).  However, these Trial Terms prevail to the extent of any conflict or inconsistency with the Standard Terms.
  4. The customer must provide payment details to Spectur before commencement of the free trial period.
  5. The customer must transport, store, use and handle the camera in accordance with Spectur’s instructions and otherwise in accordance with good industry practice.
  6. If the customer does not consider that the camera meets the specifications and application requirements agreed with Spectur in relation to the same, the customer may notify Spectur that the customer wishes to terminate the contract for the purchase or hire of that camera (Cancelation Notice).  Such notice must be provided within 30 days of the customer taking delivery or otherwise being provided with access to the camera (Trial Period), by email to admin@spectur.com.au.
  7. If a Cancellation Notice is issued in accordance with clause 6:

(a)       the customer must return the camera to the nearest Spectur office at the customer’s own cost;

(b)       the camera must be returned in good working order and condition, fair wear and tear excepted; and

(c)        within 10 business days of the camera being returned to Spectur in accordance with this clause 6, Spectur must provide the customer with a full refund of the purchase or hire cost paid by the customer for the camera.

  1. If a customer does not issue a Cancellation Notice to Spectur within the Trial Period, the customer will be deemed to have elected to proceed with the purchase or hire (as applicable) of the camera.
  2. Spectur reserves the right to terminate or vary these Trial Terms at any time before a contract for the sale or hire of a camera which refers to these terms is agreed with the customer.


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