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Spectur releases the new STA7 solar powered multi-camera solution

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Spectur, a leading player in the world of security, safety, environmental monitoring and AI solutions, has reached new heights with the release of its STA7 solar powered multi-camera solution. Building on the legacy of the STA6, the STA7 marks a significant advancement in wireless solar-powered security with up to four modular 4k video security cameras all in one system.


  • High-quality 4K video capture from up to four separate cameras
  • All cameras are NDAA approved for ANZ government use
  • Integrated flood light and siren as active deterrents
  • 180 to full 360 degree viewing, eliminating blind spots
  • Operates on a single, smart dual pass edge and cloud AI-enabled platform
  • Powered by the STAPower system with 5 days battery backup
  • Integrated 4G module with two antenna output for 4G and optional satellite connection

Harnessing over a decade of experience in challenging environments around Australia and New Zealand, the STA7 offers unmatched reliability and effectiveness with up to four modular NDAA approved 4K video cameras (or your choice of cameras) linked to an advanced edge processing platform, all on one system.

The night vision cameras excel in ultra-low light detection, helping identify intruders and minimising false alarms. Footage is automatically sent to the cloud and chosen first responders receive alert notifications through multiple channels, including email and the IOS and Android Spectur App.

Through active onboard deterrence measures such as integrated dual floodlights and configurable, automated spoken warnings, this system can stop crime before it happens.

A push to talk function also allows for 2-way communications with the site, further enhancing security and safety. With optional 24/7 monitoring and call-out guard services, the STA7 is an efficient and powerful solution for site security and surveillance on larger and more complex sites.

Streamline your security infrastructure

A single STA7 can replace up to four separate camera platforms, cutting costs and reducing space requirements on site.

“Powered by STA-Power, the STA7 offers unparalleled performance, setting a new standard for comprehensive surveillance, smart city and sensing solutions,” Spectur Managing Director Dr Gerard Dyson said.

“This advanced 4G connected camera system is the most versatile solution for customers needing security and surveillance on unpowered and unwired sites.”


  • Preventing crime: theft, illegal dumping, anti-social behaviour and vandalism
  • Warning your community: during emergency situations, shark warnings, early warnings for floods and fires
  • Data collection: environmental data, people or vehicle counting, smart city applications and integration with third-party AI applications
  • Improving on-site productivity: high quality time-lapse, live viewing and 2-way audio

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