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Press Release

Spectur unveils cutting-edge camera solution

Perth, Australia: Leading provider of security, safety, environmental monitoring and AI solutions Spectur has unveiled its latest product, the HD6, a powerful single camera platform that delivers industry leading reliable and effective security and Surveillance in even the most remote locations.

Typical uses cases include:

Stopping crime

  • Thefts
  • Illegal dumping
  • Vandalism

Warn your community

  • Site emergencies
  • Beach & shark warning
  • Flood and fire early warning systems

Data collection

  • Site monitoring & surveillance for project management
  • Environmental data collection – e.g erosion monitoring
  • Smart city applications – e.g people & object counting
  • Any 3rd party integrated AI applications

Product Highlights

  • Connects to the STA-Power modular solar-powered battery platform for minimum 5 days low light uptime
  • Excels in ultra low light detection with high-quality 4K video capture
  • Suitable for unpowered and powered sites with permanent and mobile purchase and rental options
  • Connects wirelessly to the internet and cloud with all data stored in Australia
  • Integrated flood/strobe light and siren
  • 2-way push to talk audio for on the ground communication options

HD6: Advancing Solar powered Single Camera Technology following the HD5 Success

Built upon the success of its predecessor, the HD5, the HD6 is a leap forward in single camera security technology. Drawing from over a decade of expertise in demanding Australian and New Zealand environments, the HD6 delivers unparalleled reliability and effectiveness in a single camera security platform. 

The HD6 camera system is easily integrated with Spectur’s STA-Power modular solar battery platform, harnessing the power of the sun for uninterrupted operations even in unpowered sites. 

Designed and made in Australia, the HD6 is built to withstand the challenges of harsh environments. An intelligent alert system sends notifications through a range of channels, including email and the Spectur App, with advanced AI technology minimising false alarms to allow effective active deterrence measures. 

This system also offers configurable and automated audible spoken warnings to improve situational awareness. With various camera options and two-way audio capabilities, the HD6 is a versatile and powerful choice. 

While remote, temporary or unpowered sites once posed a challenge for safety and security, this is no longer the case,” Spectur Managing Director Dr Gerard Dyson said. 

The HD6 represents a new era of smart, effective and sustainable surveillance. It’s not just a camera, it’s a comprehensive solution that tackles a range of challenges – from natural disasters to criminal behaviour – ensuring the protection of communities and critical assets.

“The HD6 represents a new era of smart, effective and sustainable surveillance”

Gerard Dyson, Managing Director at Spectur

The ERB6: Spectur’s new emergency response beacon

The ERB6 will harness the HD6’s exceptional capabilities to deliver the future of emergency response technology.

The fully wireless, solar-battery powered ERB6 platform acts as the first responder in any remote or unpowered site, providing camera vision and connectivity to remote sensors, along with spoken-word warnings and high-visibility lighting. The system can also provide two-way communication via a camera-enabled VoIP phone connected to any control room or person.

Combined, the ERB6 and HD6 form a comprehensive and robust system that enhances emergency response and security measures, protecting communities and critical assets across diverse environments.

Applications for the ERB6 include:

  • Site emergency warnings
  • Beach conditions and shark sightings
  • Flood and fire early warnings
  • Issuing notifications and updates in remote unstaffed locations such as camp sites, national parks, etc.

About Spectur

Autonomous solutions that sense, think and act We harness the power of renewable resources to make autonomous sensing, thinking and action available anywhere, anytime. We provide solar and battery-powered platforms that connect wirelessly to the internet, and use visual artificial intelligence and IoT to help organisations protect people and property and improve productivity, even in remote locations and harsh conditions.

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