STA-Power Trailer Large: Innovative mobile surveillance

Mobile Solar-powered security trailer solution

Our integrated mobile surveillance and security trailer offers a large platform for powering security, smart city, environmental, or other technology solutions that make our communities safer, smarter, and more sustainable. Designed to be used with any Spectur security camera platforms, this mobile security camera solution serves as a versatile and mobile alternative or enhancement to conventional static security guards, mobile patrols, and fixed CCTV camera systems.

The STA-Power Trailer Large solution is specifically designed to seamlessly accompany Spectur’s Security, Safety, and Smart City Camera Platforms, which offer wireless connectivity and secure remote access from any computer or mobile device. Powered entirely by solar technology with a large battery backup, these mobile surveillance and security trailers are easily towed behind any standard vehicle anywhere, eliminating the need for truck or crane access, thanks to their all-terrain design.

Tailored to support any of Spectur’s camera platform solutions

Straightforward one person setup

Reliable power source with high quality solar panels and batteries

Robust design for tough environments

Typical uses of the STA-Power trailer large

● Building, construction and development sites

● Infrastructure projects

● Large land access management

● Road use monitoring, e.g hoon driving pervention

● Local councils, state government and federal government

● Outdoor events

● Construction and mining site

● Illegal dumping hotspot

● And many more…


Discover the STA-Power trailer large in video


Single Axie Chassis c/w lockable ventilated battery enclosure
Solar Panel frame to accommodate up to 2 x Solar panels
Victron Energy regulators with Bluetooth and VE. Connect access
4x height adjustable outriggers
 Adjustable height settings up to 6m
Hot dipped galvanised and powder coating on most components
Heavy duty suspension and all terrain off road tyres
4 x Wheel chocks
24V DC power available
Lockable battery isolation switch
Wheel nut indicators
Rear forklift pockets
LED Tail Lights
Height Adjustable Solar panel
Optional GPS tracker, wheel and towball locks for security

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