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STA6-240X: Unmatched Security & Deterrence for Indoor or Outdoor Locations

Improve your remote presence in powered locations with STA6-240X

Spectur’s STA6-240X mains-powered and extendable modular platform brings the power and flexibility of Spectur outdoor solutions to wired and indoor locations. The STA6-240X also brings the flexibility to locate cameras and other sensors on the unit or up to 100m from the unit – even outdoors!

Boasting the latest in integrated electronics, our mains-powered solution ties in seamlessly with the rest of our solar- powered Sense Think Act® range. Lithium battery backup combined with 4G connectivity provides the same Spectur peace-of-mind that the system can resist wired power and internet interruptions.

Immediately improve your remote presence in powered locations with a solution that is built to last and built for rapid, Plug-and-Play deployment.

Collect 4K
time-lapse images

Leverage “smart
cities” solutions

Link your remote sensors

Unbeatable deterrence in outdoors or indoors environment

Resist wired power and internet interruptions

STA6-240X camera system features

The STA6-240X is a security solution designed to provide unparalleled security and deterrence in indoor or outdoor environments. Operating seamlessly on both cloud and edge platforms, our advanced camera system leverages power-efficient algorithms to maximize detection capabilities and ensure high uptime. With IP-rated cameras, a PA Speaker, and LED Strobe, this camera solutions delivers unbeatable deterrence.

Experience superior detection in ultralow light conditions and extended ranges compared to traditional systems, along with instant alert notifications via email, Spectur App, web application, or API. With optional 24/7 monitoring and guard call-out services, regular software upgrades, and sophisticated back-end monitoring and diagnostics, the STA6-240X camera system offers comprehensive security coverage and peace of mind.


Audible and visible (floodlight) onsite alarm


Multiple, flexible camera options


Configurable audible spoken warnings

two way com

Microphone and speaker for 2-way audio communication


Available for sale, rent or lease


Easily integrated with 3rd party VMS


Designed and made in Australia


All data stored in the secure Australian Cloud.

Typical uses of the STA6-240X

Preventing crime: Theft, illegal dumping, anti-social behaviour, and vandalism.

Warning your community: Emergency situations on-site, beach and shark warnings, and early warnings for floods and fires.

Improving safety: Identifying who is on site and when, monitoring and surveillance of sites and assets, smart city applications, and integration with third-party AI applications.

Improving productivity: High quality time-lapse, CCTV mode and live view option.

STA6-240X camera system specifications

CameraMultiple Cameras can be installed within 20m of the unit. Optional Power Over Ethernet adapters can allow cameras to be located up to 100m from the unit.
HousingRugged, corrosion and weather proof, powder coated aluminium enclosure
Pre-configuredremovable backing plate and conduit knockouts for rapid installation.
Mount Can be mounted on an internal wall, inside a container or any flat surface.
IntsallationCan be installed anywhere internal or external with preconfigured Plug-and-Play operation. Standard 10 Amp 240V plug for power. No electricians required.
ConnectivityConnectivity via 3G/4G/wifi/Satellite
Processor Onboard, customisable and programmable GPU platform (Linux/Tensaflow platforms)
StorageOnboard and cloud (MS Azure) for security and instant access
IntegrationSuitable for integration with most ONVIF compliant VMS
User InterfaceiOS and Android Apps, web browser for desktop or via compliant 3rd party VMS
Power240V with 8 hour battery backup
SizeEnclosure size 300 wide x 470 long x 150 high
Weight8kg total weight
FloodlightStrobe standard, floodlight optional extra
Speaker15 watt
Antennascan be located remotely to improve reception.
Motion Detection Range25m
Field of VisionEach camera has a 96° horizontal FOV, 52° vertical FOV, and 114° diagonal FOV. When four cameras are used, they create a 360-degree FOV.

Why should I use Spectur’s STA6-240X solution?

The most reliable solar-powered platform on the market, delivering class-leading detection of intruders, with the least false alarms.

Deter crime using built-in floodlights and custom messaging sirens, backed by powerful AI to minimise false detections.

Quick and Reliable; most metro areas can have a camera system installed within 2 days.


Saving you money choose between purchase, lease or rental camera solutions for a cost-effective approach based on project duration.


Deploy anywhere anytime with our in-ground solution, mobile bases, and trailer offerings.

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