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Spectur STA6 Sensing, Thinking and Action platform

The Spectur STA6 provides the premium security solution with the unique ability for more..

No Power Needed

Solar and battery powered. No cabling or wiring required.

Multiple Alarm and Recording Modes

Decide how you want the system record and send alerts day and night.

Time Lapse Function

Stored to the cloud for instant remote access.

Remotely programmed spoken warnings

Highly effective at frightening intruders off.

Fully programmable and expandable

Future-proof platform for a growing
List of visual AI solutions and LoRaWAN

Works well with others

ONVIF compliant platform allows
Integration with existing security, parking
Smart city or other visual AI applications

Live Viewing

See what is happening in real time from your phone or computer.

Advanced Motion Detection

Using advanced Artificial Intelligence to minimise false alarms.

Full Monitoring Station Integration.

Self monitor or professional monitoring.

A range of illumination and lighting solutions

Strong deterrent and full colour night time images.

Main Features of the Spectur HD5 Solar Security Camera

Detects in ultralow light and at long range

Up to 360° vision with no blind spots

Expandable hub for loT sensors

Advanced AI to categorise imagery

License plate recognition

Very low levels of false alarms

High quality 4k or thermal images

Easily integrated with 3rd party VMS, AI, Sensors

Audible/visible alarms and messaging

Your choice of audible message

Microphone for local sound capture

Self-contained for rapid deployment

Optional callout or 24/7 guard service

Future-proof via software upgrades

Available for sale and rent

Designed and made in Australia.

STA6 Applications

Spectur platforms help customers cost-effectively reduce risks associated with crime and safety, lower operating and one-off costs, improve productivity and obtain the peace of mind that comes with knowledge.

Detect and deter crime
• Construction site crime
• Illegal dumping
• Vandalism

Leverage ``smart cities`` solutions

Warn your community
• Sharks
• Tsunami
• Bushfire
• Muster Points
• More..

Link your remote sensors to the internet

Improve safety on your sites
• Enforce the use of personal protective equipment
• Edentify who is on site and when
• Exclusion zone maintenance
• More..

Solve an expanding range of challenges

Spectur testimonial
Sergio Lucia – Perth Builders


“We have been using the Spectur system for a year. I’ve not had a single crime on site. On previous jobs, I’ve had very bad experiences with crimes that cause lengthy and costly delays.

Our margins are very tight so delays can mean the difference between making and losing money on a project. The Spectur system has been 100% effective.”

Purchase or Hire to Buy

For as little as 60 cents an hour all inclusive, you can protect and secure your site 24 hours a day by renting a Spectur System or purchasing outright.

Australian made and owned
Spectur is a member of ASIAL
1300 802 960