The STA6 is the highest quality vision and sensing platform available. It combines exceptional long-range sensing and detection, presenting a multitude of ways you can use this convenient platform to help keep people and property safe. Designed and built in Australia to meet the harshest conditions, the STA6 platform delivers unrivalled power and capability to sense, think and act.


STA6 Models


Extend the STA6 capability by supplementing the camera-based detection with other remote sensing or switching devices such as motion detectors, door switches and accelerometers, sending automatic alerts, even when out of the line of site of the platform. The STA6 XS provides communications via WiFI, LoRaWAN, Bluetooth and other custom radio frequencies so all compatible devices can be routed via the STA6 XS can provide communications to cloud and to you.


The STA6 XS Pro delivers everything the STA6 XS does, plus full 360-degree 4K optical or long-distance thermal vision.


Customisable elements

Designed, coded and manufactured in Australia, the Spectur platforms and ecosystem are constantly upgraded with additional improvements, applications and advances. Whether it’is an integration into your specific security system or incorporation of your internal software or AI solution, Spectur engineers can work with you to provide bespoke outcomes.

If in doubt, ask us. As Australia’s only designer, coder and manufacturer of autonomous sensing, thinking and acting platforms we are proud to help you bring your technology solutions to fruition.

Integration of software

Spectur solutions can be integrated into existing VMS solutions. Alternatively, third-party software can be integrated into the Spectur cloud and (with limitations) field hardware platforms as well. We can even update our mobile apps and web-based interfaces to suit your requirements. Development costs can apply.

Integration of sensing and switching

The Spectur STA6 XS platform has been designed to be a modular and agnostic platform for a range of sensing and switching applications. Wi-Fi, LoRaWAN, Bluetooth, and even custom wireless solutions can be developed or integrated into the Spectur platforms. We can even custom build you a sensing dashboard!

Hardware customisation

The Spectur hardware platforms are truly iconic and identifiable in the field, but this does not mean that they cannot be customised. In ground, trailer or mobile base solutions can be tailored to your applications. We can even paint or otherwise colour code our platforms to suit your applications.


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