New STA7 security camera solution: 2 to 4 modular 4k video security cameras all in one system

STA7: Advanced remote site security camera system with wireless connectivity

The STA7, solar powered multi-camera system, provides 180 to full 360 degree viewing without blindspots on a single smart, AI-enabled platform suitable for security, AI, safety and other applications.

Continuing the legacy of its groundbreaking forerunner, the STA6, the STA7 marks a significant advancement in wireless solar powered security technology. Harnessing over a decade of experience in challenging Australian and New Zealand conditions, the STA7 promises unmatched reliability and effectiveness with up to four modular NDAA approved 4K video cameras linked to an advanced edge processing platform all on one system. It sets a new standard for comprehensive surveillance, smart city and sensing solutions.

With up to 4 high quality security cameras, the STA7 system is the most versatile solution for customers looking for security and surveillance solutions on unpowered and unwired sites. The STA7 remote site security camera system, powered by the STA-Power, offers unparalleled performance. The night vision cameras excel in ultralow light detection, offering high-quality 4K video capture from up to 4 separate cameras. This advanced 4G connected camera system serves as a reliable remote site security camera, identifying intruders where and when they should not be present. It then automatically sends footage to the cloud and alert notifications to chosen first responders through multiple channels, including email and the Spectur App. The powerful and advanced AI technology also minimises false alarms, allow active onboard deterrence measures including dual floodlights and dual-speaker spoken audible warnings to be deployed effectively and with confidence.

Collect 4K
time-lapse images

Leverage “smart
cities” solutions

Link your remote sensors

Consistently detects intruders where they shouldn't be.

Alerts first responders and provides visible and spoken deterrent simultaneously

Low false alarm intruder detection

STA7 Featured Improvements

This solar powered multi-camera system stops crime before it happens. There is nowhere to hide.

The STA7 features configurable and automated audible spoken warnings as well as a push to talk, 2-way communications function with the site. Optional 24/7 monitoring and call-out guard services further bolster security, making the STA7 an efficient, versatile and powerful solution for comprehensive site security and surveillance on larger and more complex sites.
A single STA7 can replace up to 4 difference camera platforms, reducing cost and space requirements on site.


Integrated 4G module with two antenna output for 4G


Integrated dual flood light and speaker for spoken warnings and communication offering industry-leading deterrence


Up to 4 modular 4K 96 degree NDAA-approved cameras or your choice of cameras

Hardened and environmentally protected compute and comms enclosure


Hardened and integrated electronics, firmware updates and remote reset of all systems


Simplified, IP67 rated wiring harness and connectors ensuring reliability and ease of maintenance, upgrades and modularity

Typical uses of the STA7 security camera system

Preventing crime: Theft, illegal dumping, anti-social behaviour, and vandalism.

Warning your community: Emergency situations on-site, beach and shark warnings, and early warnings for floods and fires.

Data collection: Monitoring and surveillance of sites and assets, environmental data collection, people counting or vehicle counting, smart city applications, and integration with third-party AI applications.

Improving productivity: High quality time-lapse, live viewing and 2-way audio.

Discover the STA7 in video

STA7 camera system specifications

Camera Up to 4 modular cameras with standard lowlights 4K video providing full 360 degree coverage
Camera type Standard 4K 96 degree NDAA-approved cameras. Options for variable focus / zoom, NPR, thermal and other cameras. Designed for modularity and to suit an increasing range of 3rd party cameras. PTZ coming soon
Housing Rugged design for continuous operations in harsh conditions. All cameras and external devices rated for IP67 or better
Deployment options include Concrete into the ground, V2 Metal Mobile Base, concrete block or trailer mounted options as well as custom brackets for any location
Installation Small footprint direct-in-ground, trailer or freestanding mobile base
Connectivity Two antenna outputs for 4G (antenna included in STA-Power platform for improved reception)
Processor Onboard, customisable and programmable Nvidia-based GPU platforms
Storage Onboard and cloud (MS Azure) for security and instant remote access
Integration Suitable for integration with most VMS
User Interface Native iOS and Android apps alongside web browser for desktop providing access to anyone from any location
Power Matched to STA-Power solar-battery solutions or can be provided with 240V power supply
Motion Detection Range 25m (night time). >25m for daytime operations (standard cameras)
Field of Vision Standard cameras have 96° horizontal FOV, 5’2 vertical FOV, and 144° diagonal FOV. When four cameras are used, they create a 360° FOV with small overlap

Why should I use Spectur’s STA7 cameras solution

The most reliable solar-powered platform on the market, delivering class-leading detection of intruders, with the least false alarms.

Deter crime using built-in floodlights and custom messaging sirens, backed by powerful AI to minimise false detections.

Quick and Reliable; most metro areas can have a camera system installed within 2 days.


Saving you money choose between purchase, lease or rental camera solutions for a cost-effective approach based on project duration.


Deploy anywhere anytime with our in-ground solution, mobile bases, and trailer offerings.

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