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Many local government authorities face issues with illegal dumping – it’s a serious environmental hazard which can threaten wildlife and lead to long-term contamination of land, waterways and groundwater. It also costs ratepayers all over Australia millions of dollars per year in guarding key sites and footing clean up costs. But with the right camera systems, public sector organisations can reduce instances of illegal dumping and lower the cost of preventing and prosecuting offences.

Illegal dumping – a nationwide concern

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The Australian Local Government Association shows there are 537 local councils nationwide charged with managing and maintaining non-powered public sites and roads. While looking after public infrastructure differs between councils and states, generally these sites include:

  • Recreation facilities, such as parklands and sports fields.
  • Caravan and camping grounds.
  • Bushlands and environmental protection areas.
  • Agricultural land.
  • Public lots and common spaces in settlements.


These places, especially in remote locations, are often illegal dumping targets. Whether unwanted household items, rubbish typically collected by waste disposal services or other inorganic material, this anti-social behaviour has numerous effects on the local environment and community:


  • Pollution of waterways and groundwater supplies, which can affect local wildlife and settlements that rely on them.
  • Contaminated parklands, especially those supporting natural habitats, can be damaged by inorganic materials not breaking down over time after being dumped.
  • Injuries, where dumped materials contain dangerous metal objects, such as old car parts or batteries, there is an increased risk to people in the vicinity..
  • Illegal dumping often leads to increased council costs to improve crime prevention at these sites and to clean up affected areas more frequently.


Recorded statistics on illegal dumping in Australia are unfortunately widely understood to be underreported – but what is certain is that this is a problem facing every community nationwide.

The challenges facing government and law enforcement agencies

Illegal dumping can take many forms. Unsightly but-non toxic waste such as organic materials like garden trimmings or food waste are one of the most common problems, especially in remote or rural communities. Moving up the scale, old household furniture or used materials from renovations can be dangerous and potentially harmful to the environment, especially if there is any scrap metal or toxic paint. The most serious dumping offences are committed on a commercial level, such as when a small business disposes of waste materials without the right permissions. This can damage the environment and endanger public safety on a larger scale.


The challenge of addressing this dumping risk is that local government organisations simply don’t have the manpower or budget to finance manned patrols of all potential dump sites. Even with threats of fines or other civil penalties, dumping in public areas is still a problem. Crime prevention is more effective than dealing with criminals, so warning individuals in the middle of illegal dumping would stop many from continuing. A further problem is that public sector groups tasked with keeping these sites clean don’t have the means to accurately identify offenders. Without eye-witness accounts of a crime, agencies are often powerless to pursue legal action.


Monitoring regular dumping locations to prevent offenders from illegal activities, and to identifying and prosecuting those who do dispose of unwanted rubbish, requires security surveillance.

How remote video camera security, deterrence and surveillance works

Spectur’s solar-powered remote cameras and deterrence systems are like no other security technology available.

The advanced video system records and broadcasts high-definition images to selected computer devices 24/7, providing operators ongoing footage of illegal dumping sites.

Surveillance cameras, deterrence systems and motion sensors combine for a three-tier approach to security:

Warning and deterrence

Once a camera picks up human activity, it activates a verbal alarm and lighting system that warns offenders that they are undertaking a crime.


The security system sends out both an email and in-App notification of an incident within seconds of activation, to selected individuals’ technology devices.


The video feed will continue rolling until a set time after movement has ceased, providing time-lapse footage of any selected time period an operator requests.

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The camera system is easily removable and transportable between different sites.

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Additional (and optional) thermal imaging technology can detect human activity up to 1km away – ideal for remote sites that are hard to access by manned security patrols.

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Advanced telemetry monitors battery usage, signal strength, and the number and type of equipment activations to maximise uptime

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Advanced motion detection algorithms that can deal with all of the extraneous movement that happens on remote sites. This reduces the number of false alarms.

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3G/4G integration and interconnection with Spectur’s cloud platform allows operators to monitor activities remotely and access stored video feeds if needed.

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Full monitoring station integration allows security teams to keep track of sites, or leave the security solution to self monitor and warn response teams of incidents as they arise.

Spectur and public sector security

Spectur has worked with local government bodies nationwide to improve monitoring illegal dumping. We offer the most reliable and sophisticated solution on the market, making local councils more effective in preventing anti-social crimes and reducing expenses while doing so.


Our security cameras, deterrence systems and surveillance solutions for government organisations are specifically designed in Australia to survive harsh climate conditions nationwide. Manufactured to meet the highest Australian quality assurance standards, all video surveillance equipment is rigorously tested to ensure you get the best solution.


Solar-powered cells mean the camera can run independent of other fuel sources, while the backup battery maintains power for up to four days with zero solar input. This gives Spectur’s security video systems 99.9% system uptime, making 24/7 monitoring of illegal dump sites simple.


Building towards a cleaner greener Australia is everyone’s responsibility – but the public sector should be leading the way with a sophisticated and reliable solution to reduce anti-social behaviour. Want to learn more about Spectur’s range of remote security surveillance and deterrence options? Contact us to discuss a 30-day, risk-free product trial, and together we can end illegal dumping!

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