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Sustainable Development Policy


“We Are a Responsible Organisation”

Spectur Limited recognises that our success, and the success of our clients, is increasingly dependent on
embedding sustainable development principles in our projects and activities.

Our purpose, “Making communities safer, more sustainable and smarter,” reflects our commitment to
sustainable development, which is commonly defined as “development that meets the needs of the present
without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

In working with our clients, we recognise that many projects have the potential to change and sometimes
transform local environmental and social conditions, generating both positive and negative effects. Our role is
to provide sustainable solutions and expertise to support our clients in addressing their challenges.


“We Provide Our People and Clients with the Opportunity to Grow and be Successful”

We are engaged and connected with each other, our clients and society to share, learn, participate, deliver,
excel and widen networks.

We encourage professional and technical development and provide ongoing education and training in our
sustainable technology and associated solutions, including other issues that are relevant to our clients and our

We will challenge our people to use their talents and share their knowledge to find more sustainable solutions
to society’s development issues.


“Proven Commitment to Continuous Improvement”

We adopt best practices in the areas of governance, health and safety, development of our people, business
relationships and client service. We strive for technical excellence, innovation and encourage the
development, introduction and application of environmentally friendly technologies.

We will work to create a culture of environmental and social responsibility, through the products we deliver
for our customers and the way we operate our facilities.

We Help Our Clients to Find More Sustainable Solutions

One of our most important business objectives is to use our knowledge and talents to embed sustainable
development principles and practices in the work we do for our clients, helping to minimise environmental
degradation and build more equitable societies.

We drive the use of renewable energy solutions, seek to minimise disturbance to the environment and
optimise our solutions for long usage, avoiding waste. We give our clients a sustainable option for deploying
sensing, thinking and acting technology outdoors.

“We Support Local Communities”

We continually strive to make positive contributions to the communities where we live and
work, focussed on safety, sustainability and productivity.

We are engaged in establishing strong relationships with our communities. We will seek opportunities to
maximise our positive economic impact, by working with local suppliers of goods and services and hiring local
people wherever practical.

“We are an Agent for Sustainable Development “

Spectur Limited is a company with a developing history and an exciting future. We know who we are and
where we are going. We have an inspiring vision and a strategy with clear goals to take us there. We have a
set of core values and a Code of Conduct to guide our actions along the way. Together, these elements
represent Our Charter and together, they challenge us to use our knowledge and passion to confront some of

society’s most pressing needs. Working with our many stakeholders, Spectur Limited are an agent for
sustainable development.