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The Spectur Remote Solar Powered Security Camera Offers These Important Benefits:

Quick and Easy to Install

Installing CCTV systems is often hampered by wiring and power source challenges. In areas like construction sites which are particularly vulnerable to crime, landscapes and viewpoints are dynamic, meaning wireless systems provide better adaptability. Installing a Spectur solar camera system is significantly easier and cheaper and requires almost no maintenance.

Not Dependent on a Local Power Supply

Because the system is solar-powered, the need for an electrical power source is eliminated. Backup cells ensure that the device remains fully operational even through days of low light. Not being hooked into mains power means your security surveillance isn’t at the mercy of the power companies and blackouts won’t affect your ability to secure your site.

Controlled from the Cloud

A solar powered security camera will be able to function in practically any location. These systems are ideal for remote areas that experience problems related to power connectivity. Perfect for use in remote environments Spectur solar powered cameras don’t require technicians to attend the site for adjusting settings either. All the system parameters can be controlled remotely via the Cloud from the control centre.

Easy to Scale

The growing nature of your site often means that you need to add or remove cameras based on the stage of the job. The flexibility of the non-wired solar powered camera system means that staging your site for optimum visibility is a straightforward and cost-effective task. Cameras can be easily grouped and live feeds incorporated into a single secure login to combine all footage into a simple, easy view user interface.

Green Footprint

Opt for the more environmentally responsible choice. Installing a traditional wired CCTV system live can disrupt natural and sensitive locations. With solar powered security camera systems, there are minimal infrastructure requirements allowing you to leave the natural environment virtually untouched.

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