The Benefits of a Rapid Warning System for Smarter and Safer Communities


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As sensor and processing technology becomes more advanced, fast wireless connectivity becomes cheaper and ubiquitous and cloud resources become commonplace, the benefits continue to grow for our communities. Smart city parking solutions and traffic management are already improving everyday commutes, for example. Spectur’s connected security systems and now warning systems are unlocking an exciting future in remote and rapid safety, health and emergency warning and monitoring.

How smart warning and surveillance systems work with Spectur

Spectur’s STA6 and HD5 security cameras are solar and battery powered, and have exceptional onboard visual sensing and detection capabilities. Through Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity, they can also gather information from a diverse range of remote sensors. These sensors can potentially capture information on weather, smoke, temperature, vibrations and even shark tags and drumlines to identify events, manage incidents and take autonomous or human-directed responses.

Here are the top benefits of these rapid warning systems.

  • Having an eye on the landscape – even when you can’t be there
    Emergency response has traditionally relied on having feet and eyes on the ground or at the very least having cable-connected camera solutions. With this new IoT-enabled technology your intelligent warning systems can be set up anywhere with 3G or 4G signal and can even work with satellite connectivity. You could place a smoke detector and security camera with wireless connection at the top of a hill to monitor the landscape for fire, for example. If the smoke sensor triggers, you can view live footage of the site on your screen with 360-degree vision to assess and respond to the situation in real time.
  • Providing early warnings and prompting early action
    Should you wish to use a security and sensing system to provide emergency warnings, then the Spectur platform is uniquely equipped to help do this. The robust STA6-based system includes microphones and speakers that enable direct communication to and from the field. Should a shark’s tag be registered at an unpatrolled beach or a connected seismograph indicate that a tsunami may be imminent, then that remote sensor, via the internet can immediately trigger a loud, clear spoken warning from the onsite Spectur system with instructions for evacuation or relocation. Your team will be instantly alerted via an in-app notification or email, so you can arrange the appropriate emergency response. And all the while you’ll have a clear eye on activity in the area via the remote security camera, so you can direct resources where they’ll be of the most assistance.
  • Having immediate alerts to any community health and safety issues
    A connected security, sensing and surveillance system doesn’t just prove its value as an emergency alert system; it’s also proving an effective remote monitoring solution in important environmental health situations. Perhaps your council wants to monitor the salinity levels of a particular site and receive a notification once it reaches a certain level. Or perhaps a resources company wants to keep an eye on contamination or water quality to ensure your operations aren’t having a negative impact on the surrounding environment. With a sensor-connected Spectur system, you can not only receive instant notifications of data reaching or exceeding a certain threshold, but you can instantly view the site in real time from hundreds or thousands of kilometres away. All of this can be achieved with little more than sunlight, some sensors and a Spectur STA6 platform.

From tsunami early warning systems to corporate management of health and safety issues, Spectur solutions have far-reaching potential for the safety and health of our communities as well as environmental management. To discuss the potential for your application, contact our Australian-based team today.

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