Providing a reliable service, free from disruption and safe for the community is a challenge for all utility companies. We work with utilities across Australia to develop industrial security systems that prevent trespass, theft, vandalism and illegal dumping. By helping utilities identify security and safety issues before they become problems and interrupt service delivery, we provide cost-effective wireless commercial security cameras and security solutions that provide a fast return on investment while protecting people and property.


Stopping crime before it happens

Thieves target utilities for copper, plant, fuel, consumables and many other high-value items. Assets are vandalised or graffitied and because they’re often in remote locations, they become hotspots for illegal dumping, which can also pollute catchments and the environment. Misinformation about 5G has seen 5G towers become the target of vandals. Many utility assets are in remote locations and unsupervised. Our industrial security cameras and security solutions can be installed anywhere with access to sunlight and will monitor assets remotely and autonomously, stopping trespassers and crime before it happens.

Keeping people safe

Because many utilities operate in dangerous environments, people put themselves in real danger when they trespass on utility property. Using a combination of AI, motion detection and gridded video analysis, our camera-based monitoring solutions can identify people or vehicles within operating sites. Combined with spoken and visual warnings and alerts, people are deterred and stay out. The solution notifies authorities and a recording of the event is saved to the cloud.

Reviewing safety incidents

If a safety incident occurs on site, having a record of these events is useful to understand what happened so it’s not repeated. The same security solutions used to keep trespassers out of a site can be used to monitor the activity of people lawfully on site to ensure they stay out of exclusion zones. The cameras capture safety breaches and events the utility company can use for learning or insurance claims.

Using time lapse capture

Utilities find keeping a record of changes over time is useful for several applications. Time-lapse captures can note when trees, bushes and other need to be trimmed or pruned. They can record the progress of construction projects, observe seasonal changes, and visually verify sensor data.

Conducting remote surveillance

Being able to observe what is happening onsite without actually travelling there is enormously helpful and timesaving for utility companies. COVID 19 travel restrictions might be in place, preventing regular and easy access. Our industrial 4G remote monitoring camera solutions can diagnose issues and problems remotely. Utilities can check on the status of people and assets on site and check for issues. They can also use the platform to verify that sole workers are on site and observe real-time deliveries.

Environmental monitoring platforms

Baseline monitoring, compliance monitoring and operational monitoring each present utilities with challenges. Using automated, remote and accessible sensors removes the need to expose people to safety risks. Fully wireless solar or battery-powered sensing platforms, including cameras, have many applications. They can monitor and capture noise, vibration, air quality, water quality, water levels and other types of data so utilities can meet their compliance obligations and minimise interruptions.

Related Products


The STA6 solution suits utilities needing the highest quality images and best detection performance in a reliable wireless package. With starlight 4K optical cameras that feature 90 to 360-degree vision or long-distance thermal cameras, the STA6 gives utilities the leading visual performance they need to protect people and their assets. STA6 XS model offers optional remote sensing gateway capability, which can incorporate a broad range of separate, but wirelessly connected remote sensors.


The HD5 suits utilities looking for a cost-effective single camera solution that suits close range surveillance and security applications. With a full-colour, high-definition camera and cloud-based AI, our HD5 solution provides a leading performance in a compact, fit-for-purpose package.

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