Securing utilities and remote sites with wireless smart surveillance systems.

A wireless security camera from Spectur doesn’t just record trespass, theft, vandalism and illegal dumping – it actively deters it, for greater safety and fewer disruptions.


Keeping people safe

People can put themselves in genuine danger when they trespass on utility property. Using a combination of AI, motion detection and gridded video analysis, our camera-based systems identify people or vehicles and emit spoken and visual warnings to deter people offsite. A recording is saved to the cloud, and security is alerted.

Preventing crime

Thieves target utilities for copper, fuel and high-value items. Vandals target 5G infrastructure due to misinformation, while remote sites can become hotspots for illegal dumping. Our industrial security cameras can be installed on any site and can monitor assets remotely and autonomously, stopping trespassers and crime before it happens.

Reviewing safety incidents

Any safety incidents onsite should be reviewed so they’re not repeated. The Spectur ecosystem allows you to remotely monitor who’s doing what onsite to ensure people stay out of exclusion zones and restricted areas. You can easily pull up historic imagery of any safety breaches to use for learning, training or claims management.

Capturing time-lapse

It can be enormously useful for utilities to maintain a record of changes onsite over time. Spectur security platforms can be set to record high definition time-lapse. This is ideal whether you’re wanting to monitor seasonal changes, record marketing material, to visually verify sensor data or to view construction progress.

Remote surveillance

Whether mobile phone towers, pumping stations or substations, being able to see what is happening on-site without having to travel there can be invaluable. Our 4G remote monitoring cameras can be used to diagnose issues remotely, check for deliveries and verify workers are onsite.

Monitoring environmental data

Baseline monitoring, compliance monitoring and operational monitoring just got a whole lot easier – and safer. Spectur’s solar-powered systems can be linked to sensors to capture noise, vibration, air quality, water quality, water levels or other types of data. Meet your compliance obligations, and minimise interruptions.


Spectur systems can be tailored for simple or complex utility applications to suit telecommunications, water, power, gas and other infrastructure needs.

“Being in the transport industry, our company needed a reliable security solution to protect our compound. Over the last 4 months, Spectur’s solar security camera has allowed us to keep an eye on our site in real-time, wherever we may be and has prevented theft from happening on site.”

Perth Heavy Haulage

Related products

If your utility company needs long-distance monitoring, high quality, multi-camera vision with the potential for edge and cloud applications, then the STA6 is the product for you. It’s exceptionally powerful with ultra-low light 4K optical or thermal cameras that feature 90 to 360-degree vision. The STA6 also has live two--way audio and remote sensor connectivity as well, enhancing the range of problems you can solve from this one platform.

If you’re looking for a robust, single-camera platform to deploy across multiple sites, then the HD5 is an ideal choice. It offers full-colour, high definition monitoring and recording, together with cloud-based AI to actively detect and deter human activity when someone shouldn’t be onsite. Each system installs quickly and easily without wires, and can connect with cloud-based AI applications to develop custom solutions.

If you’re seeking a communication tool that can also watch onsite at all times, then the SWC5 is the choice to consider. This 12MP 4K single-camera platform has a loudspeaker and bright flashing lights to emit a warning, and also has a VoIP phone for two-way communications with those onsite. Add the optional colour LED screen to transmit written messages or instructions, both remotely and responsively. The SWC5 platform is ideal of lone worker applications or remote sites.


Stopping 100% of theft and illegal dumping at remote sites


Frustrated by continual disruptions at key communications towers on remote sites, a major telecommunications provider approached us for a security solution. The client needed to be able to capture intruders’ license plates at a distance and keep an extra record of visitors for future reference.


The telecommunications provider worked with Spectur to install multiple HD5 systems, with upgraded 4K cameras, to keep watch over the towers and access roads, recording number plates at a distance.

As each intruder drove onto the site they were loudly alerted to the fact they’d been detected, each one leaving without committing a crime.

Affordable and flexible

Easy remote monitoring

A remote site solution

Made in Australia

Spectur solutions can be bought, leased or hired, with a range of accessories available to expand the options for security and sensing.

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