V2 Metal Mobile Base: Spectur's Portable Base Mobile Surveillance Solution

A temporary solution for security cameras allowing flexibility and stability

The new versatile Spectur portable base mobile surveillance solution features a winch operated tilt pole on a stable platform that can be used (with constraints) in all Australian wind zones. This Mobile surveillance solution enables quick installation and relocation on any surface – whether hard or earthen – with no requirement for ground disruption.

Our V2 Metal Mobile Base solution is designed to comply with appropriate Australian Standards and can be assembled by a single person without cranage, trucks or traffic management. When assembled, this mobile base for security camera installation can be effortlessly relocated using a forklift or alternatively disassembled and moved by a single individual.

Tailored to support any of Spectur’s camera platform solutions

Single-person installation with no part weighting more than 25kg

Self-contained in a robust structure

Moveable by forklift when assembled

Typical uses of the V2 Metal Mobile Base

● Security and surveillance

● Emergencies

● Contruction site

● Road works

● Outdoor events

● Construction and mining site

● Illegal dumping hotspot

● Mining, resources, & heavy industry

● Installation on hardstading or areas where excavations are not permitted

● And many more…

Discover the V2 Mobile Base in video


Weight Fully assembled from 560kg (can be more pending wind zone and application)
Width 1.2m
Height 4m (with standard pol)
Metal Hot Tip Galvanised for long life
Industry leading with rating Up to 800N of horizontal load capacity at the top of a 4m pole. Higher wind or horizontal loads can be supported with reduce mast height

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