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Warehouse Security Cameras, Deterrence Systems and Surveillance

In retail, food services or any sector requiring mass storage of goods, managing an effective supply chain requires dedicated oversight of your key processes and distribution centres. Without this information, it becomes near-impossible to prevent theft or misuse of company inventory.

What is the impact of warehouse theft or other emergency events?


Stolen goods can have a massive impact on a business’ bottom line, especially with storage facilities in a remote area. This is because of the higher cost to coordinate transport to and operate a warehouse in regional or rural locations. Additionally, high levels of theft will make warehouse employees insecure about their personal safety.


Events such as staff health emergencies or incidents causing structural damage to a storage facility also require warehouse managers’ constant attention. If senior operators aren’t aware of problems as they arise, such as an employee injuring themselves, their ability to help is restricted. This can lead to more serious issues in the future that will impact the warehouse team further.


We understand the common pain points facing warehouse managers and logistics operators. Keeping an eye on all elements of operations without manned security is challenging but vital to ensure operator safety and reduce the risk of stock theft or vandalism, especially on remote sites.

How can you improve warehouse security?

Employing warehouse security services to maintain a high level of vigilance is sensible. However, human operators alone often don’t provide the comprehensive oversight required to ensure your whole warehousing facility is covered. On top of this, the expenses of on-duty security guards around the clock will quickly stack up, especially when incidents of theft are infrequent but costly.


Warehouse security cameras and deterrence systems are good options when used with guard teams. However, security systems are typically not designed as a one-size-fits-all solution for warehouses, especially remote facilities. 4G capabilities should give operators greater mobile access to a live security feed, while an independent power source will keep cameras running. A warehouse security option, specialised for warehousing and remote storage, is the answer.


Spectur’s remote warehouse security cameras, deterrence systems and surveillance

Spectur’s warehouse security solutions offer operators the most advanced deterrence, monitoring and warning system features in the Australian market.


Stopping the theft or vandalism of warehouse stock is the first step to better managing a distribution centre. Preventing issues from arising rather than addressing them as they happen minimises the chances of false alarms while retaining maximum uptime. Determent features include night-time video detection, instant illumination through connected light sensors, verbal warnings and HD feed capture reduce the chances of anyone misusing a business’ stock.


Operators can access video footage and image snapshots of a facility at any time, with all information securely connected to the cloud for instant storage and backup. Connecting warehouse security cameras and deterrence systems with other devices, such as motion sensors, through the Internet of Things (IoT) makes keeping track of warehouse movements simple without the need for multiple onsite visits.


Warning systems such as audio alarms provide remote managers or onsite warehouse staff a chance to address impending hazards. This is easily connectable with video footage so operators can observe responses and events as they develop with unparalleled reliability.


Our cameras can also be integrated on an IoT platform, enabling mobile access to security footage and connectivity with other devices and sensors for a complete security offering.


Our HD4 wireless solar security camera system boasts a number of leading features:


  • Integrated AI technology uses a patented object motion algorithms to minimise the risk of false alarms triggering a security response.
  • The Spectur mobile app allows warehouse managers to access a security feed from anywhere, improving vigilance of storage facilities and other sites.
  • Colour footage improves senior operators’ insight into events as they happen. With more accurate video information, they can better respond to any emergency situation.

Spectur and commercial sector security

Remote monitoring of your site 24/7, instant access to security footage and cloud- enabled image recording is easily within reach. No matter the scale or scope of your commercial warehousing business, Spectur’s HD4 wireless solar security camera and other security systems can help.


Spectur is dedicated to providing the best security products and service to customers. We know that many businesses are willing to pay for total peace of mind if they trust in the provider. That often requires security solutions specialists working specifically to meet the highest standards set for the national market. So that’s why we design and manufacture our warehouse security cameras, deterrence systems and surveillance solutions right here in Australia.


Every Spectur security system is connected to our central management system, ensuring we handle any technical issues quickly. Each camera can also be upgraded with our latest software patches remotely, making certain that your security measures are always on top.


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