Coastalcoms platform: the future of water management system

Coastalcoms: technology to solve water management problems

Coastalcoms is dedicated to leveraging cutting-edge technology to address water management challenges. With a focus on water, data, technology, and monitoring, our solutions offer comprehensive support for efficient waterways and coastal management.

As the leading provider of technology solutions for the Australian waterways and coastal management industry, Coastalcoms empowers businesses, government agencies, and organisations to efficiently collect, understand, and gain insights into the complexities of coastal environments.

Addressing water management challenges: how coastalcoms can assist you


Data Integration

Coastalcoms provides seamless integration of sensors and data, offering real-time visualization and reporting capabilities. Our framework facilitates the sourcing and matching of information, including video and image processing outputs, external sensor data, and correlated data feeds from weather or other information service providers.


Shoreline Position Analysis & Tracking

Our video-derived shoreline measurement solutions are globally unique, utilizing standard IP surveillance cameras to work on almost any beach. We handle the calibration, operation, sourcing, and quality assurance of video data, processing large volumes of data into automated reports and imagery for precise coastal change measurements.


Surf & Wave Analytics

Coastalcoms enables near-real-time reporting on surf condition metrics such as wave face height and surf zone wave period, providing insights beyond traditional surf models. Access to surf zone wave information is directly derived from IP surveillance camera video via the Coastalcoms platform.


Video Water Level Monitoring

Our platform supports automated water level detection from standard surveillance video, empowering watershed managers to measure water levels and visually confirm in-situ sensor readings. This capability enhances emergency workflows and catchment management efforts.

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