Why Warning and Deterrence Can be Key in Construction Site Security Monitoring

Imagine for a moment that you’re breaking into a construction site with the intention of taking equipment, driving away machinery or simply causing havoc. Suddenly, a bright light exposes you and a loud message tells you you’re being recorded and that you should leave immediately. Chances are, you’ll take flight. And if you don’t, security personnel will be there shortly with a good knowledge of where you are and exactly what you’re up to.  

That’s the power of an effective construction site security monitoring system with warning and deterrence capabilities. Even at a remote construction site, you can provide the sense that the site is always under control – because it is. And most importantly, warning and deterrence can minimise or completely avoid damage and resulting costs to your business. 

Let’s walk through how this all works if an intruder arrives on a site with a Spectur construction site security camera system in place.

The intruder arrives.

Let’s say you have the Spectur STA6 in place overlooking the main area of your site. With 360° and high quality 4k or thermal vision, the camera picks the motion of the intruder up instantly. The advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) does its thing: if it was just a waving tree branch or a cat the system wouldn’t take further action, but because the system recognises that the motion is from a person an alert is immediately sent to you or your security personnel via an in-app notification and email. Or if you prefer, it can alert a 24/7 professional service on your behalf. The system can also pick up the license plate if the intruder has parked their vehicle conveniently close.

The intruder is alerted.

Once the camera’s AI recognises human movement, the system lighting shifts to deterrence and activation mode. This clearly alerts the intruder that they’re being watched, especially when combined with the loud spoke message.

A loud alarm or fully customisable voice rings out. It might say: “Warning. Warning. Live images of you are being viewed by our security centre. A patrol has been dispatched. Leave the premises immediately.”  Or you can have it say something more specific to your site.

In most cases, the intruder flees before they’ve even had a chance to start causing damage or looking for things to pilfer. Rather than simply recording an offence, the system actively deters it.  

Security personnel can respond.

Quite often, the intruders will be long gone by the time security personnel even have the chance to get out the door. But if they are still there, security personnel can view the live onsite vision on their phone and make their way to the site. Even if the site is remote and in the middle of nowhere, these solar security, deterrence and warning systems can give a strong impression that a person is actively monitoring the site and that a security team is on their way.

After the event, you’ll have a clear record of events.

If you need to pursue the offender for trespass or any other reason, then you can easily provide recorded imagery to police and for your own team to review. Spectur’s construction site security cameras can also be configured to provide 4K time lapse imagery, live construction site video monitoring or CCTV recording.

While one security guard can cost $500 per night, 6 Spectur cameras can cost as little as $80 per day to hire – or, you can purchase your system outright. Spectur’s central management system irons out any technical issues quickly and remotely. And with an active warning and deterrence system in place, you could have your site (or multiple sites) monitored in combination with security guards for callout, manage things yourself, or reduce the cost of security outsourcing.

Spectur’s advanced system is designed to give you greater control over stopping crimes at every stage – even before they happen. Don’t just record the chaos, choose a construction site security camera system that can actively discourage the chaos instead.

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