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Wired vs Wireless Security Cameras: Which to Choose at the Industry Level?


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For a long time, wired security systems were the go-to solution for any industrial application that required reliable power and data transfer. Wireless systems such as battery or solar powered options were either not an option or the performance per dollar was so low, they were only used in extreme cases. Now? That balance is well and truly tipping.

What’s changed?

Technology across solar power, batteries and the Internet of Things (IoT) has exponentially advanced in the past 5-10 years. These advancements have made it possible for our team to develop modern solar security cameras that not only capture high definition or even 4K imagery and transmit it via the cloud, but can also keep running for multiple days during winter. Additionally, speakers and lights are integrated with artificial intelligence for security camera systems and active deterrence, plus other built-in processing power.

This has opened up the possibilities for anyone looking for systems to provide surveillance, deterrence, environmental monitoring or sensing onsite – from securing remote utilities, to construction time-lapse cameras, to local governments seeking to maintain public safety.

Why consider wireless over wired?

Although it might be lower cost, the key restraint of a wired system has always been that it can be difficult and expensive to install, position and shift. Digging trenches and laying cable can be costly in time and resources, and the need for power and internet lines can seriously limit the places where a surveillance system can be placed. If you’re needing to monitor a large perimeter or a remote site, for example, a wired system simply isn’t suitable. Yet it’s often these locations that are most in need of reliable, active monitoring. Consider the problems of illegal dumping, vandalism and theft that often occur where people assume there can be no cameras in place.

We design and refine Spectur systems to directly meet the need of Australian clients who are looking for professional-level surveillance to work anywhere: beaches, remote utilities, stations and farms, carparks, industrial areas and many more. Spectur platforms are:

  • Fast and easy to install, with no cabling to worry about
  • Easy to shift via their mobile bases, trailer systems or easily relocated in-ground tilting pole systems.
  • Vandal-resistant, as they can be placed anywhere and have no cables to cut
  • Reliable because they store data locally and in Spectur’s secure Azure cloud via onboard 3G/4G modems, and
  • ONVIF compliant and able to be integrated with existing security systems, applications, artificial intelligence and sensors to create the system you need.

So which is better: wired or wireless security cameras?

This will ultimately depend on your application. While wired solutions and CCTV systems will still be the preferred option for some applications when power or infinite data (at no cost) are available, the pure flexibility and mobility of Spectur’s solar security cameras are changing the way people are looking at surveillance and safety systems.

The Spectur ecosystem is so flexible, you can use it to expand your current wired system and add extra functionality. For example, the STA6 could support up to four additional wireless ip cameras and also process sensor data to provide a comprehensive overview of the site. If human or vehicle movement is recognised, the system can alert security teams to human or vehicle movement while emitting a bright light and spoken alarm.

We can develop bespoke integrated solutions to suit your exact requirements – get in touch with our Australian-based team and we can discuss the possibilities.

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